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Empathy Tool

The Empathy Tool is closely to connected to our Listening Tool where we learned to listen with our ears, eyes and heart. Empathy focuses on listening and connecting to others with our heart and caring about their experience as if it was our own. Toolbox believes in order to connect with others, we must also care for ourselves. When we care for ourselves, it is easier to connect and understand others. Empathy is at the root of kindness, forgiveness and compassion.
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Books to learn more about the Empathy Tool

Empathy Tool
Brené Brown on Empathy
Toolbox Empathy Tool
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WILDCAT Empathy Tool Highlights from our middle school counselor Mrs. Worden

How empathetic are you?

Think about the following questions:

Do I think about other people’s feelings?

Do I imagine what it feels like to be in the shoes of others?

Do I listen to others about what they’re going through?

Do I try to understand other people’s point of view?

Am I aware that not everyone reacts to situations the same way I do?

*If you answered yes to any of the above, congratulate yourself on knowing how to practice the Empathy Tool. Empathy is a skill so remember to review these questions and take time to practice the Empathy Tool with your family and friends.

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