Anti-Trust Man!

The Man of Action


"Able to bust trusts and conserve nature while speaking softly and carrying a big stick!"

His Evil Nemesis, Trust Man!

Anti-Trust Man works tirelessly to defend America against the evils that Trust Man is responsible for, some of them being:

Imposing monopolistic prices to cheat consumers!

Squashing small, independent companies!

Controlling two-fifths of the nation's manufacturing output!

Dominating different industries!

Destroying healthy competition between corporations!

His trusty sidekick, Photography Man!

Photography Man uses his special flash photography camera to expose the horrors of urban poverty! He even wrote a magic book known as "How the Other Half Lives", which causes readers to take action against poverty upon reading it.

Anti-Trust Man vs. Trust Man: The Epic Battle

In order to defeat Trust Man, Anti-Trust Man had to deliver several lethal blows, including:

Increasing the regulatory power of the federal government.

Passing the Elkins and Hepburn Acts.

Establishing the Department of Commerce and Labor.