Bessie Coleman

Bessie Coleman

Do you know who was the first African American who got their license to fly a plane? If you're thinking Bessie Coleman your right. Bessie Coleman was the first African American to learn how to fly a plane and get her license.

Bessie Coleman was born in Atlanta,Texas,in 1892.She had to walk more than six kilometers to go to school when she was little. Bessie Coleman and her family were poor. When she got older Bessie had to pick cotton washed clothes to help earn money for her family.Bessie was also a reader.Bessie Coleman would always go to the little book wagon that would visit Palmer Road.

At 12 years old Bessie Coleman went to Oklahoma to attend the Oklahoma colored Agricultural and Normal University. She moved there because she couldn’t fly in Atlanta. White people in Atlanta wouldn’t let her fly a plane because of her skin color.

I think Bessie Coleman is a good influence to me because it sounds like something she had to work hard for. Plus people were telling her that she couldn't fly a plane but she followed her heart and did it anyway