Perseverance Project

The theme is perseverance.

  • In the book almost everyone had to show perseverance. Sounder showed it by only walking on three legs, having one eye and missing most of one of his ears.The mother did not know what happened to her husband after he was arrested and later had to go through him dying.The father showed perseverance by walking all the way home after being severely injured in a dynamite blast.The boy did not know what happened to his father and Sounder, then he had to work in the fields, then his fingers were hurt by a guard at a iron mine, then he had to be away from his family during the school year, and then his father and Sounder died.

African American Showing Perseverance (Article)

  • Charles Alfred “Chief” Anderson Sr. was one of the first African American pilots. After getting his pilot’s licence and air transport licence he completed two historic trips, without good equipment and parachutes, and became a flight instructor in and around Washington D.C. In 1940 he was to come to Tuskegee Institute in Tuskegee, Alabama as the lead civilian instructor. Then in 1941 the First Lady , Eleanor Roosevelt, went to Tuskegee. At the time most people said that black people could not fly. When the First Lady asked if that was true, Anderson offered Mrs. Roosevelt a ride in his plane. The flight was forty minutes long. This caused a wave of interest ,of flying, throughout the African American population. Then in 1942 the president , Franklin Delano Roosevelt and the Army Air Corps came to create a military aviation program at the institute. Anderson became the leading instructor, training around 1,000 aviators, including pilots, navigators, ball turret gunners, etc., for around six years. After the war he returned to instructing civilians. After a lengthy battle against cancer he passed away on April 13, 1996.
  • Throughout his life he showed examples of perseverance like these. He could not find an instructor that would accept him.His friends and family gave him a loan of $2,500 to buy a used plane. Then he taught himself how to fly.Even though he had the essential flying skills and the had done the needed maneuvers, no one would give him a air transport licence. 3 years later a German immigrant ,and WWI pilot, gave him an official flight check for the licence.


Animal/Human Relationship

  • One day in 1969, Ace Bourke and John Rendall found a small, cramped, and lonely lion cub for sale. They decided to take the animal home. The local priest allowed them to let Christian, the lion’s new name, run around and play on the church grounds. He eventually grew too large for the yard. They decided to reintroduce him to his natural habitat, the African Savannah. A year later they decided to see Christian in Africa. By now he had his own pride, or group of lions, and was now feral, but they still went. They finally found him and they other lions. When they saw each other Christian paused, inched closer, then ran to them. After all the time that had past, the lion remembered them. They hugged and Christian showed them his friends.
  • Sometimes a animal and human relation ship can lat a lifetime. Love stayed strong between Christian and the guys, just like Sounder and his master.The guys and Christian were apart from each other for some time and Sounder and his master were apart, but for a longer time.They remembered each other after all that time.

Anticipation Guide

  • People have different opinions on things like "Stealing is always wrong, and a thief should always be punished severely". Here is how I feel. I disagree with this statement. Why I feel this way. Being punished severely is like being sent to prison for life or getting a death sentence.It doesn't make sense to be punish that bad for stealing something like a loaf of bread.If somebody steals they should be punished, but not severely

Daughter/Father/Dog Relationship

  • There are some ways it was like Sounder. Here are a few. Cheyenne and Sounder both went to get someone after the fathers died.The men were hard workers before they were hurt and their dogs helped them after.
  • There were also differences. Here they are. The dad wasn't that nice after his heart attack.Sounder and his master were separated for a few years.


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