K-2 Team Newsletter

November 4, 2019

Principal's Message

Thank you for another great week of teaching and learning. We have dug into our 2nd Priority - No Opt Out Academics! The adjustments we are making as a result of our WDMs and deciding on the right reteach model is pushing our scholars closer and closer to mastery! Keep up the awesome work! Also, shout out to the 2nd grade team for planning a fantastic teambuilder. We had a blast at paint night!

Operations Important Information

Open Enrollment:

Open Enrollment for certified staff (licensed teachers) begins Nov. 1-30. If you would like to make any changes to your health plans, you may do so through the Benefit Express portal. Please let Rhodes know if you have any questions.

Progress Reports:

Sorry for the snafu with the progress reports...they will be printed and ready to go Monday!

Picture Retake:

Wednesday, November 6th is Picture Retake Day. Please refer to the email sent out with the schedule.

School Wide Focus

Priority #2 - No Opt Out Academics

As we continue our focus on AgMo, we worked on the second key components: naming feedback codes and including a data tracker. Keep the following in mind as you prep your codes this week:

  • Create 2 common codes that target the specific errors that scholars might make

  • Post your codes so scholars can see

  • Code papers during your conceptual lap

Deans of Academics

Weekly Survey: Here is the link to the Weekly Survey. Please include any feedback/glows/grows so we are able to best support you! Shoutout to the K Team who had the most responses on our last survey!

Aggressive Monitoring PD: As we complete observations, we will be looking for: pathways, named laps, codes, and data trackers. All components we have covered thus far are requirements in each classroom.

November 8th (Tier 2 and 3 Progress Monitoring): Please progress monitor both Tier 2 and Tier 3 scholars this week.

<Overdue> November 1st Tier 3 Progress Monitoring: Thank you for progress monitoring your Tier 3 kiddos this week! If you didn’t get a chance to, please make sure to do it by the end of the day Monday. You can find the list here: (RTI Groups)

Dean of Culture

Congratulations! We made it through the month of October, and brighter days are upon us! We had 26 referrals last week. There is a direct correlation between our positive ratio and the number of referrals each week. This week’s focus on the positive framing! Let’s give glows for the behavior you want to see, and while you are doing your lap narrate the positive behaviors. How do we do this?

Positive Framing Examples and Non-Examples

Live in the Now:

  1. Example: Show me your eyes, class.

  2. Non-example: Class, some of us are looking out the window.

  3. Example: Class, Tianay is describing the setting. Our eyes should be on the speaker.

  4. Example: Ayana, Tianay is describing the setting. Your eyes should be on the speaker.

  5. Non-example: Ayana, I’m tired of asking you to track the speaker.

Assume the Best:

  1. Example: Just a minute, class. A couple of people were so excited to write about Roald Dahl that they went ahead before I told them to start.

  2. Non-example: Class, none of us should be trying to sneak ahead of the rest of the class.

  3. Example: A couple of people forgot our rules about tracking, Molly. Give them a second before you start.

  4. Non-Example: Molly, please wait to answer until Tori decides to join us.

Allow Plausible Anonymity:

  1. Example: Class, check yourself to make sure you’re in your best SLANT with your notes page in front of you.

  2. Non-example: Crystalline, I want to see you in SLANT with your notes page in front of you.

Build Momentum/Narrate the Positive:

  1. Example (Narrate the Positive): I see lots of hands. The left side of the room is really with it!

  2. Example (Narrate the Positive + Build Momentum): I see five, six, seven hands. Now ten hands ready to start reading Hatchet!

  3. Non-Example: (Narrating Your Weaknesses): I’m seeing the same few hands. A lot of you are not participating and it’s going to show up in your participation grades.


  1. Example: You’ve got the idea but let me hear you use the word “elusive” in your answer. Can you do it?!

  2. Example: The MTSU girls are killing it boys. Can you keep the pace?

Talk Aspiration:

  1. Example: Good, Tori. Now let me hear you make it a third grade answer by using the word “product.”

  2. Example: Can you answer that in the words of a scientist? (Or historian/writer/musician)

This week’s WIG WINNER IS...

Big picture


Congrats to 2nd grade for placing in Silver!!
Big picture

Dean of SEL

This week, we have focused on the difference between good and bad secrets. We will continue to focus on this lesson during the upcoming week. Good secrets include surprises and gifts, and make people happy. Bad secrets make people feel uncomfortable or hurt feelings. If we have a bad secret, we should tell right away so that we can stay safe!

Please be on the lookout for upcoming information about parent wellness education classes at EEP!

*** PLEASE send your scholars to the restroom before related arts! Scholars have a hard time using the restroom responsibly in related arts!

LIM Habit: Sharpen the Saw: Work hard, play hard. Take care of yourself!

Examples: I play outside with my friends, and invite new friends to play too!

After school, I make time to exercise so that I can take care of my body.

I drink enough water and eat healthy foods so that I can grow my brain.

I take care of myself by going to bed on time.

Pictures for Newsletter

If you would like to share pictures of the exciting things that are happening in your classroom, not only are you encouraged to send those photos to the year book committee, Jaquandria Hayes or Jessica Moore, feel free to send them to me so that I can post them in our Weekly Newsletter as the class photo of the week!!!!

Upcoming Events

Nov. 11th

  • Veteran's Day -- NO SCHOOL

Nov. 13th

  • Manager Appreciation Day

Nov. 14th

  • STEM Family Night: 5:30-7:00 pm

  • (B-Day Alert) - Tiffany Johnson

Nov. 15th

  • Thanksgiving Celebration PD

  • (B-Day Alert) - Melanie Lipscomb & Claire Seguin

Nov. 19th

  • First Grade Field Trip

Nov. 21st

  • Progress Report

Nov. 22nd

  • Mental Health Day - NO PD

Nov. 26th

  • Coffee w. the Principals: 8:15-9:15 am

Nov. 27-29th

  • Thanksgiving Holiday -- NO SCHOOL


  • All boards should be updated with the current date, objective (SWBAT..), and the common core standard code

  • All lesson plans for the week should be on a clipboard or other system (i.e. binder/folder)

  • Principal and GLLs should be notified of late arrivals (after 7:28 am) or "early outs" (before 3:45 pm). Please see K-5 Playbook for details.

  • Use Kronos to schedule an absence in advance and input all unplanned absences in Kronos within 24 hours of your return
  • All sub plans should be updated immediately after an absence
  • Grades should be updated in Illuminate weekly

Staff Absences

Nov. 4th

Tori Rokicki (Admin)

Nov 4th-8th - Orton PD

Jaleela Copeland (K)

Kelley Simpkins(1st)

Nov. 5th - SPED PD

Dr. Perrault (Admin)

Lindsey Barnes (SPED)

*1/2 Day AM

Nov 7th

Lisa Peters (K)

Shout Outs

Congrats to our G.R.E.A.T. Winners of the Week and check out the Class Photo of the Week!

Dr. Tianay Perrault

Lower Elementary School Principal