Get out of the house, and come to the bouncy house!!!

where it begans

Have you ever wanted to take a family vacation where everyone would enjoy? Well, stop your worries! Come to Kidabaloo! When you first walk in make sure to get stamped though, or else you'll have to pay to get back in if you go outside!

When i say bouncy you say house!

But you can't forget about the kids favorites! When you walk in it looks so fun you just want to stay there for the whole day ( witch you can)! When you enter the bouncy house Mania, you just want to run off and never come back! There's even a live band! There are like a thousand bouncy houses where you can just jump, race, jump and then slide, or run until the string pulls you back! But wait. there's more! There is also a game of: LAZER TAG!

eating time!

After a lot of bouncing and hoping around, you can also eat! They have a lot of stuff though! You can have colored ( pink or blue) popcorn, or a caramel apples, fruity smoothies, and a lot more! But you can also get cotton candy and gatorade!

More games!

If you decide to take a break from jumping, you can go into the front center and play some games to win prizes. There is also a magic show that needs a lot of help!

Magic show

The magic show is really fun but sometimes they get out of control. One time the magic Guy named Steve asked for volunteers so a kid that looked like he was 8 came up. Steve put the child's shoe into the magic box, and POOF, it was gone! The child went crazy and so did his parents.

Steve did it again!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!YEAH!!!!!!

The parents of the child came up on stage and started to yell at Steve. Steve had to remind the parents that it was a magic show. The parents seemed to not realize that until they looked down at the child and both of the shoes were on his feet. It was a miracle.
Steve decided he should do another trick on the parents of this 10 year old named Carter. Carter came up thinking that Steve was gonna cut his hand off!!!! That sent the parents of Carter wild!!! Steve asked Carter if he wanted to say something to his hand and Carter said no. The blade came down and....HIS HAND FELL ON THE FLOOR!!! ( Kidding)! Celery fell on the floor! Carter ran off the stage hugging has hand!