Don't Smoke or You'll Die

A cigarette contains over 4000 deadly chemicals. Such as: Acetone, (nail polish remover) Ammonia, (household cleaner) Arsenic, (rat poisons and also in bullets) and many more.

Over 3000 teens and preteens start smoking daily.

Smoking causes you to age faster. Smoking will cause your face to get wrinkles faster too. It also causes you to stink. Your hair, breath and your clothes will smell bad.

If you smoke you're more likely to get lung, mouth, throat and heart cancer.

Even you don't smoke, and someone you live or hang around smokes, you are still exposed to second hand smoking. Second hand smoking causes more than 202,000 asthma attacks. Also causes over 790,000 people to get a doctor check up for an ear infection.

Every hour, over 50 Americans die from smoking cigarettes. Add that up all together and that's about 440,000 people an year die.

Nicotine only takes about 8 seconds to reach your brain.

Most smokers know the consequences that come with smoking, but they do it anyways. They are to consumed in the moment, and don't think about they after life.

Smoking Stinks - It Will Ruin Your Life