5H Weekly News

7th May 2016

Dear Parents,

With only four weeks of the year left, we have a lot of events and activities to squeeze in! Please see the upcoming events listed below, and let me know if you have any questions.


- All students participate in the class Spelling Bee. This is intended to be a fun opportunity to practice spelling some challenging words, and should not cause stress for the students. Four students will be selected to take part in the 5th Grade Spelling Bee, in which they will compete against four students from each of the classes in 5th Grade. Your child was given a list of words to practice. Please check that your child still has this list, and encourage him/her to practice.

- Science Fair boards must be made at school. Students have been asked not to make them at home. An adult at home may help cut the board into a tri-fold if needed, but then the board should be brought to school to be completed. Students may reuse their Genius Hour board if they would like to.

- Parent help will be needed for lunch at the end of year fun day. Room Moms will contact all parents about this.

10-Minute Teach Topics and Birthdays!

Upcoming Events

Please review these events!

Tuesday 10th May: Math MAP test.

Wednesday 11th May: Teaser for 4th grade play. Students will watch a small section of the play.

Thursday 12th (5.30pm) and Friday 13th (3.30pm) May: 4th grade play - Treasure Island. Don't forget to buy your tickets!

Wednesday 18th May: Class Spelling Bee (only 5H). 4 students will be chosen for the Grade 5 Spelling Bee.

Friday 20th May 1.15pm: 4th and 5th Grade Band/Choir Concert.

Wednesday 25th May (afternoon): 5th Grade Science Fair.

Friday 27th May 1.00: 5th Grade Promotion.

Tuesday 31st May 12.40: 5th Grade Spelling Bee.

Thursday 2nd June: 5th Grade End of Year Fun Day.

The Week Ahead


We will continue our unit on Surface Area and Volume next week. We will look at how to calculate surface area from nets, and how to measure the volume of 3-dimensional shapes and liquids. Students will also take their math MAP test on Tuesday.


Our reading and writing will mostly relate to science fair topics. Students are already working independently on their background research essays, and these will be finished and published next week.


Students will continue to collaborate to build and program robots using Lego Mindstorms. Additionally, students will work on their science fair projects. This will include carrying out experiments at home, and writing/analyzing results at school.