Thursday Brief

August 16, 2018

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Happy Thursday!!!

I hope you all are getting a lot accomplished and building relationships as a team! I am so proud of our FBE family and I know we will have an amazing 2018-2019 School Year!!!

I realize it's been overwhelming with so much beginning of year tasks. Listed below are things to remember if you haven't already created your own "to do" list.

  • Daily Schedules-Jeanine will be reviewing daily schedules Friday. All detailed schedules need to be in the Google drive file by then.
  • Safe Schools Training-don't forget to log in and complete your online trainings. If you are having trouble with login, email Hoover.
  • Dyslexia Training-you received an email recently to complete an online training for this. This is a required training for all teachers.
  • "Help Our School" Google Form. Don't forget to complete this form ASAP. The link is below. Also, click here to see what is already taken. (Yellow areas of need.)
  • Schedules-Make sure you make the corrections that I email you on your HR Roster. Also, make sure you cross check all of your other rosters with your HR roster.
  • Counseling Schedule-Please see Mrs. Villarreal and set up your counseling days.
  • Please pay for Faculty Dues ($20 Teacher, $10 Para) and Staff Shirt to Nadine. Shirts should arrive Thursday Morning and we can wear them to convocation Friday.
  • Please access the universal screener for more information on your students. Email Jeanine if you need the link to your grade level.
  • We are so sorry about the delay on the agendas/teacher planners. They should be here Friday so we will try and get them out to you by Monday.
  • If you signed up for our first book study (Teach Skills and Break Habits), I sent you an invite on Google to our Study Group.

Notes from Mrs. Cristan

Walkie Talkies:

  • Radios need to be on Channel 1 to contact office (Mrs. Pena).
  • Radios need to be taken to recess.
  • Keep radios charged at all times.
  • Be cautious of what you say over the radio / radio etiquette.

Let’s get into the habit now:

  • Remember to sign in and out on a daily basis.

Safety Protocol Signs:

  • Colorful signs will be placed in your box – 2 per room.
    • 1 needs to be placed near your door, and the other needs to be where it is easily accessible in case of an emergency.
    • Make reference in sub. plans where this information will be located.

Tri-fold Safety Protocol Pamphlet needs to be brought with you to the training next Tuesday (will be placed in teacher boxes).

  • Read over in its entirely- become familiar with it.
  • Train students by September 14th. Practice all drills – our goal is to make the students aware and ease their anxiety.

Red Emergency Go Kit:

  • If you need one- email V. Cristan

Fire Drill Exit Signs:

  • Placed by doors. If you need one- email V. Cristan

Substitute folders:

  • Need to be completed and turned in before the 1st day of school.

Notice of Concern:

  • Remember to TEST your document, and email V. Cristan. Notice of Concern was emailed to all staff on Tuesday.
    • STEPS TO FOLLOW: Open document, type a brief comment/word, save the document under SAVE AS, and then email to V. Cristan.
    • Cristan will respond to your N. of C. - we want to make sure comments can be read by admin. and teacher.

Elementary Meet the Teacher

Friday, Aug. 24th 2018 at 8:30-11:30am

2505 Waldron Road

Corpus Christi, TX

Inspiration for a Maker Mindset

Caine's Arcade

Committee Notes:

This Week's Calendar

August 16-24

8/16-Balance Literacy & Planning

8/17-Convocation & Training with Mr. St. James & UDL Training

8/20-Really Great Reading & Planning

8/21-Sub Procedures, Staff Picture & Safety Training

8/22-Balance Literacy for NEW FBE staff

8/23-UDL Refresher, Planning

8/24-Meet the Teacher and Classroom Prep


Aug 2 Chuck Almaraz

Aug 4 Gina Bentz

Aug 8 Codie Rowe

Aug 12 Amanda Wilson

Aug 27 Star Loucks

Aug 29 Delia Ortiz

Aug 29 Melissa Pena