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Respect [ri-spekt].

Noun; the condition of being esteemed or honored.

Respect is a trait found in people which is considered to be a major trait that helps you socialize with others, respect can be shown in a conversation, or in simple gestures. Respect can be expressed in many different ways. For example, respecting other people's needs, traditions, religion, or even personality. If a person doesn't show his respect to others, he would get rejected by many people. Respect is a manner taught by parents in childhood, a manner everyone should learn to live with, and an addition to their personality.

the link below is an article that talks about how respect is taught ever since childhood, and how respect is a starting point of good ethics.

Terry Fox and respect.

Terry Fox was diagnosed with osteosarcoma a type of cancer that occurs in bones. This cancer in Terry was found right below his knee, from there on they knew he had to get his leg amputated and also get chemotherapy. While Terry Fox was having chemotherapy sessions with other cancer patients, patients began to die due to the lack of cancer research. Terry Fox stopped his chemotherapy and began the "marathon of hope". having his prosthetic leg he achieved running across country to attract people's attention to cancer patients and researchers. This shows obvious amount of respect Terry Fox had for cancer patients, he had great respect for them to run across country and attract people to donate and research more about cancer, he was a great generous man that grabbed everyone's attention to the lack of cancer research. Terry Fox left a great impression until this recent day. Many foundations and schools are now dedicated to Terry Fox's accomplishment, and donations are still going on.

Respect in a short video.

The video below shows how respect comes with its consequences. Respecting others can lead to your and others's happiness. I think making someone happy by just adding something so simple to your routine is a great gift, also something that could make you feel better about yourself.
Respect each other