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Literature Map

Literature Map is a tool that may help you and/or your students find books. The site provides a web of authors you might like based on authors that you already enjoy reading. To use Literature Map, just type an author's name into the search box and a webbed list of authors will be displayed. The authors' names closest to the author whose name you entered are the authors whose work you're most likely to enjoy.

Reading Skills Practice

Resources for Teachers has lesson ideas, materials, and articles on three different reading levels. The articles are fiction, but they are written to be read and used as non-fiction. Many of the stories are based on real events or situations, but the names, places, and details have been changed. As much as possible, statistics in the articles are true, so that classroom discussion isn't guided by false information. These articles can be great resources for a lesson on validity of a source. Ask students: How do you know if what is written here is true? Can you believe everything you read?

A+ Click Math Problems

A+ Click is a free site full of online mathematics games for students at all grade levels. You can find games on A+ Click by selecting a grade level then selecting a topic. Alternatively, you select just a topic or just a grade level and browse through all of the games. Students receive instant feedback on every question. When students answer enough questions correctly, they are asked if they want to move up to the harder level or stay at the same level. Students do not need to register in order to play the games.

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A Good YouTube Channel for History Teachers

That Was History is an educational YouTube channel for history teachers. The channel provides short stories of history events delivered in a fun and informative way. Videos in "That Was History" cover different topics across various categories including : Military History, World History, US History, Political History, Entertainment History and more. New videos are released three times a week: Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. It also features various series that include This Day In History, History Rewrite (Alternate History), History Deja Vu, and "top lists" to rank events from history. This channel could be a very good resource of educational videos that history teachers can use in class with students. (Note: You'll have to unblock YouTube first.)

Post-It Plus App (free)

Post-It Plus app can take your use of sticky notes to a whole new level! The app that lets you snap pictures of a Post-it note brainstorm session, and then arrange, refine, and organize the notes on a virtual board. The newly-organized digital board can then be shared. Students can capture 50 Post-it notes at a time and collect and combine ideas from multiple categories. Notes can be organized on a grid or free form any way that you would like. Boards can be shared via email, PowerPoint, Excel, Dropbox, by PDF, etc. After the work has been shared, anyone can help contribute and arrange the notes to create a great idea! (Shared on the iLearn Technology blog)

How Secure is My Password?

How Secure Is My Password? is a website that I've shared with students in the past. Enter a password that you're using, and the site will show you how long it would take a person or a computer to guess your password. These days, we can't be careful enough!

If you need help creating a stronger password, try one of these sites:

Make Me a Password:

Password Bird:

What Do You Want to CREATE Today?

This website provides information in 15 areas such as Interactive Writing, E-Books, GeoMaps, and Visual Notetaking. In each area, he provides a definition, a description of the workflow, links to tools and student examples. If you are considering trying some new tools check out this website for ideas!

Graphic Organizer Worth Sharing

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Sound Uncovered

Sound Uncovered is a free interactive book for the iPad (in the App store). Hear with your eyes, see with your ears, test your hearing, make and modify recordings—this app puts you at the center of the experiment. Explore the surprising side of sound with Sound Uncovered, an interactive collection featuring auditory illusions, acoustic phenomena, and other things that go bump, beep, boom, and vroom.

5 Periodic Table Games to Enhance Learning

Sheppard Software offers five periodic table games that escalate in difficulty as students progress through each level. Each game asks students to identify elements by name and or atomic number. The easiest game asks students to click on the named element on th periodic table. In the easy level each element's name is pronounced for the player. The harder games ask students to identify elements just by their atomic numbers.

60-Second Civics

60-Second Civics is a daily podcast that provides a quick and convenient way for students to learn about our nation's government, the Constitution, and our history. In addition to the podcasts, there is a one-question quiz about each day's episode.

What Does Your Zip Code Say About You?

Zip Lookup is a neat tool for students to use to discover how people in other parts of their counties, states, or country live. The map allows you to enter any US zip code to discover demographics data about that area.


Youngzine is a great online source of current events articles in the following categories: world news, science & tech, our earth, and society & arts. Students can even submit their own writing in the U-write section!

Make-a-Flake (Fun Stuff)

Design and make your own snowflakes in this flash-based interactive game.

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