A Guide to Keeping Safe in the Modern World


Welcome to Mr. Hill's Netiquette 1301! Here a just a few basic things that can keep you safe while using the World Wide Web!

FREEZE! Give me your money!

Keeping your full name, address, phone numbers and credit cards off of the web could potentially save you headache and money. Always make sure you're using a protected site when conducting transactions and never send personal information through an email. Remember: Emails can be sent to multiple people with just the click of one "forward" button.


Before a person even meets you, they get a sense of who you are as a person by your diction. Use professional language at all times. Future employers are more likely to hire someone who they deem as intelligent in person as well as online.

Capital letters= Shouting

Think Before You Sink

The Dangers Of Social Media (Child Predator Social Experiment) Girl Edition!

If you see it, report it

Anything you feel that might cause harm to you or another person, report it. Contact the site administrator, local authorities or anonymously to the FBI Cyber Security Service.

Thank you,

Mr. Hill