Surviving 3rd Grade!

rome, Stacey, ellie


Publishing is you draft and type it on the computer. First you do draft. Then Go on Google Drive. Then click NEW. After that press Google Docs. And then it should bring you to your paper to type on.

Writing a letter is something that you send to someone! First you write the date. After that you write the body. Finally you write your signature.

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Social studies

Import mean a place sends us something. Export means that we send something to a place. Importing and exporting are different things.

Contenets- you can look at all the Contenets on a world map. There are seven kinds of contenets. They are North America,South America, Europe, Africa, Asia, Australia, and Antarctica.

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Clouds are made of tiny little droplets of water. There are 4 different kinds of clouds and they are cirrus,stratus, cumulus, and cumulonimbus. Cirrus clouds are thin and wispy. Stratus clouds are flat. Cumulus clouds are fluffy. Cumulonimbus are storm clouds.

Planets are big balls with gas. There are eight kinds of planets. Their names are Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus,and Neptune.

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Quadrilaterals are shapes with 4 equal sides.Quadrilateral are squares,and rectangles, and parallelograms, rhombus,and kites. We did a project called Quadrilateral city to learn about them

Multiplication is repeated addition. Our standard for Multiplication is all the way to 12s. Multiplication looks like 3x4=12.

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Our favorite event in 3rd grade

Field day because it is very fun and you get to have teammates and you can play lots of games
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A lifeskill that you need in 3rd grade

Active listening. Because you are going to learn more things in 3rd grade

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