Zachary Kaufman


Why I chose Apollo

I chose Apollo for many reasons. Apollo was really good with a bow and i like to shoot bows. He was also very truth full and I try to be truth full. He is the god of healing to and I think its nice to help people live longer.

Apollo 's Roman name

His Roman name is the same so it is Apollo.

Apollo's mom

Apollo's mom is Leto

Apollo's Father

Apollo's father is Zeus.

Apollo had 4 children

The children are Ascelepies, Troilus ,Aristaeus, Orpheus.

10 Facts about Apollo

1. He was an archer with a silver bow.

2. He is the twin of Artemis.

3. He is famous for his oracle.

4. Born on an island named Delos.

5. Prophecy , Archery, Light,and music were his domains

6. A god of light and truth.

7. He could kill something from far away.

8. When he was four days old he killed Python.

9. Zeus killed Apollo's son.

10. Apollo didn't care that his father killed his son.