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#1 What does media mean to you?

What exactly does the definition of media mean to you? When I hear the word media different thoughts race my mind from the latest news on celebrities, sports figures, local news and even nationwide news. Media is spread throughout the world in multiple ways including magazines, text messages, Facebook, Instagram, google, your local news channel, and many more different sources that can be named. Media does not exactly come with one meaning to the word, media can be used to describe different types of events no matter if it’s relevant or irrelevant. According to the dictionary media can be described as the main means of mass communication, but when you look around you’ll understand that media is much more to that.

Media can be sent throughout the United States in seconds from all of the different social media websites that exists today, twitter happens to be among the leading website where news is spread the quickness. Twitter has a live update feed meaning as soon as the information is tweeted out the information is available immediately for anybody to see doesn’t matter what the topic is, to me this is an example of media because it’s a mass communication. Facebook is just as useful as twitter when it comes to spreading media quickly, the website is also equipped with live feeds so different news pages, sports figures, or just your average every day person can update you on information at any given moment. Media has its own definition to each individual out there as long as it’s has to do with mass communicating then your definition your own personal thought of it isn’t necessarily wrong.

#2 Audi Superbowl

Audi in the commercial, “Audi: Doberhuahua” visualizes that the Audi R3 will meet your every want and need without compromising. Audi supports their reasoning by using the dog as an example, the dog shows you can have whatever you’d like without giving up something in return. The author purpose is to show you that the Audi R3 is unlike anything you have ever seen and so that it can grasp your attention to want to own it. The commercial is a humorous tone that appeals to picky captious men and women.

NEW - Audi 2014 SUPER BOWL COMMERCIAL - "Doberhuahua"

#3 Raymond Felton Gun charges against wife

Raymond Felton, America’s favorite obese point guard was arrested on three separate charges; one being a gun charge on Tuesday night. Not that there’s anything wrong with it but he pointed his gun at his then wife on how two separate occasions prior to this offense. Domestic violence happens every single day in America not like this is a breaking story. Felton’s gun had 18 rounds of full metal jacket ammunition, along with one in the chamber ready to be used for target practice on his wife. According to Scott Cacciola Felton walked out the court room saying “no comment” to a crowd of reporters after paying a meager$25,000 bond, which is nothing to a star like Felton. Felton had the gun registered back in North Carolina where he played college basketball, but failed to do so while living in New York. New York City is known to have some of the most strict gun laws throughout the entire United States. Deron Williams NBA All Star and starter for the Brooklyn Nets was quoted saying “I got my license to carry in like 26 states, but I’m not bringing a gun to New York City.” Another major incident that’s similar to Felton’s incident was in 2008 when Plaxico Burress shot himself and the served two years for having a gun in a club. Knowing Felton who’s a NBA superstar he’ll probably get a pass because professional athletes tend to have different standards to oblige to compare to your normal pedestrian, maybe he won’t be so lucky hopefully he’s held to the same standards as everyone else.

#4 Sports

I have a spontaneous love for sports; sports are something that’s a part of my life every single day. Sports are seen every day and the love is share among my spectacular group of friends. Spectacular catches, dunks, steals, celebrations and the sere competitiveness makes you fall in love with sports. Sports stimulate the mine, you dig into a part of yourself you didn’t know existed sublimity makes you feel like a new man. Determination gives your life a new meaning when you go out there and subjugate people that thought they were superior over you. Scandals bring shame to the game, from the usage of steroids and cheating but you never let that determine the view on the entire sport. Sports let us believe that anything is possible as long as you put a mass amount of determination behind it along with strong will.
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#5 Leighton Khan

Imagine if Dr. Martin Luther King Jr never existed, what if all his accomplishments were washed away. In the book 1984 the character Winston works for the Ministry of Truth, his job is to rearrange history or even delete a certain place of history if his government feels like the people shouldn’t know about it. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr played a vital piece of history of the world that we love and live in today, he changed barriers that at one point the world would have never brought would have been broken. He reinvented the world basically, without him I wouldn’t know a majority of the people in my life and things would be extremely different. Some of my best friends are of the opposite race and I couldn’t quite imagine how life would be if the world was still segregated and we were enemies, thanks to Dr. King I’ll never have to worry about that thought.

Segregation is still seen in some parts in the world today, in certain parts of the south you can still find a decent amount of confederate flags, along with a decent amount of racist citizens. Dr. Martin Luther King existence has been completely erased out of history, along with the other great amount of civil rights leaders. The world is as bad as it’s ever been; schools are no longer integrated, you can no longer use the same facilities and you can’t speak among seriate races. Times are worse than they were back in the 1960; blacks are still looked at as dirt from the perspective of white people. Times don’t seem as if they will ever change unless by chance there is somebody that will rise up and take a stand for equality and justice. Genghis khan’s grandson, Leighton Khan is the one who is here to make a change for the world.

Leighton Khan is heir to the great dominator Genghis khan, only difference is Leighton’s conquest is to change the world and make it more diverse, instead of dominating it with one race. This isn’t the easiest task at hand but he’s up to the challenge among with large group of diverse citizens. It’s quite shocking that someone of a great decent like that is willing to stand up and make a change, but he’s the great one to do it. The Jim Crow laws didn’t stand in Leighton’s way, neither did the KKK he was up to any task at hand. He took down every barrier and rebuilt it with positivity and love; he just wanted to see the world change for better rather than worse.

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#6 1984 "Words I never Said"

“Words I Never Said” was written by rapper Lupe Fiasco in 2011. The song connects to 1984 because it depicts the cruel world that we will grow to live in if we all don’t decide to stand up and make a change together. Lupe Fiasco uses example of war, government conspiracies, and having faith in the people which is exactly what 1984 was basically about. In the song Lupe says “I'm a part of the problem, my problem is I'm peaceful. And I believe in the people.” That quote directly relates to Winston, Winston is among one of the few that want to fight back against big brother but loses the fight. The proles are the only hope for change in Oceania according to Winston, they must band together to overcome big brother before it’s too late. “I think that all the silence is worse than all the violence
Fear is such a weak emotion that’s why I despise it” this also relates to 1984 because the people in the community are scared to break silence and rebel against the government. The song is more relatable than the lyrics are written you must dig deeper in order to get out what Lupe Fiasco is truly expressing in the song.

Lupe Fiasco - Words I Never Said Ft Skylar Grey (LYRICS)

#7 Media Literacy experiences

Media literacy is honestly one of the top three classes I’ve taken throughout my four years in high school, not only has it been entertaining but it has also taught me a lot. I’m not so sure that it’s the class media literacy or it’s just the teacher, but this class has done more for me than just teaching me about language arts. A few things that this class has taught me don’t even have to do with media literacy some are life lessons, the books that we have read and the topic discuss have been more relatable to the real world compared to most subjects that have been discussed in other language arts classes. Learning how to write a précis may be one of the most important things I’ve learned all year, all though it seemed boring and repetitive it is going to be something I can not only use in college but in future scenarios. This class has isn’t your general language arts class where you learn about grammar and other boring topics, in this class we’ve had discussions and have been able to express our opinions like no other class. In media literacy we are taught as young adults, our opinion on a subject weren’t discarded because of our age; when a topic is discussed everybody is allowed to state their opinion. There’s not much things I’d do different about this class besides adding more class discussions on social media and reading Freakonomics earlier in the semester. Freakonomics touches on a lot of topics that are extremely valuable to young adults from parenting, gangs, real estate, and even relating how sumo wrestlers compare to teachers. Media literacy will do more than just teach you about the course you will learn and develop new thoughts, along with opinions that you would have never cared about.