Ernest Hemingway

By: Ryan Johnson

"Always do what you said you'd do drunk. That will teach you to keep your mouth shut"

-Ernest Hemingway

Interesting Fact #1

Ernest Hemingway has his own "look-alike" society

Interesting Fact #2

Fidel Castro (Prime Minister (from 1959 to 1976) and President of Cuba (1976-2008) of Cuba) admired him.

Interesting Fact #3

His mother wanted him to be a girl so he was treated as such until he was 4 years old.

Interesting Fact #4

Many people in Ernest Hemingway's family have committed suicide along with Ernest.
Mini BIO - Ernest Hemingway

Interesting Fact #5

Ernest Hemingway was a failed KGB Spy

Interesting Fact #6

Ernest Hemingway survived consecutive 2 plane crashes, malaria, diabetes, a fractured skull, and more.

Interesting Fact #7

Ernest Hemingway stole a urinal from his favorite bar claiming he earned it from all the money he spent there.

Interesting Fact #8

Ernest Hemingway drank consistantly from day to night, due to this his friends claim he never was drunk.

Interesting Fact #9

Ernest Hemingway shot sharks with a sub machine gun when they would attempt to eat the catch he was reeling in.

Interesting Fact #10

Ernest Hemingway won a Nobel Peace Prize in 1954

Interesting fact #11

Due to Boxing injuries to the eye he was repeatedly rejected from service in the military.

Interesting Fact #12

The Geneva Convention charged Ernest with war crimes while he was led a group of French militia to battle against the Nazis

Interesting Fact #13

Ernest Hemingway had a six toed cat, who got around, and now there is a large population of six toed cats in Florida Keys.

Interesting Fact #14

His brother founded his own nation off the coast of Jamaica.

Interesting Fact #15

After his two consecutive plane crashes people assumed he was dead and made obituaries for him.

Interesting Fact #16

In 1938, Ernest Hemingway accomplished a world record of catching seven marlins in one day.

Interesting Fact #17

Ernest Hemingway's children Patrick and Gregory formed the Hemingway Ltd. in 1992 to license the use of his name, image, and signature each in doing so earned up to about $100,000 each in Hemingway related royalties.

Interesting Fact #18

Ernest Hemingway is rumored to have written a short story with just six words "

Interesting Fact #19

Ernest Hemingway's third wife, Martha Gellhorn, never liked that she was Ernest's third wife and ironically she also committed suicide.

Interesting fact #20

Ernest Hemingway loved hunting and he has killed a lion and a cheetah before.