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YOUNG ELEMENTARY SCHOOL: YES We Can!! October 23-29, 2016

On October 26, 1881 Doc Holliday, Wyatt Earp, and his brothers defeated a group of outlaws known as the Cowboys in a 30 second shootout remembered now as the "Gunfight at the OK Corral" in Tombstone, Arizona. It has gone down as the most famous gunfight of the Old West.

Tombstone- Opening Narration

Upcoming Events


24 BCPS Spelling Bee @ Patton H. S. @ 7 PM

25 Patricia Stephenson's Birthday!!

25 SIT Meeting @ 11:30 AM

31 Halloween!!

31 End of First Nine Weeks!


6 Daylight Savings time Ends

7 1/2 Day for Students

7 Report Cards Go Home

8 Teacher Workday

8 Election Day - Go Vote!!

8 Administrators' Meeting @ CO @ 8:30 AM (PS)

9 Curriculum Meeting With KR & DF @ CO @ 8:30 AM (PS)

10 Faculty Meeting @ 3:00 PM in Media Center

11 Veterans' Day (Thank a Vet) - No School!!

14 Beaver Moon

19 Madge Goines' Birthday!!

23 Vacation Day - No School!!

24 Thanksgiving Day - No School!!

25 Vacation Day - No School!!


1 1/2 Day for Students

6 Amber Mason's Birthday!1

7 Curriculum Meeting @ CO With KR & DF @ 8:30 AM (PS)

13 Administrators' Meeting @ CO @ 8:30 AM (PS)

13 Cold Moon

15 Faculty Meeting in Media Center @ 3:00 PM

20 Misty Acord's Birthday!!

21 First Day of Winter

21 1/2 Day for Students

22-31 Christmas Vacation - No School!!

25 Christmas Day!!

30 Janet Lawson's Birthday!!

30 Miranda Michaels' Birthday!!


1 New Year's Day!

2 New Year's Vacation Day - No School!!

6 Begin Superintendent's Souper - Bowl Canned Food Drive

10 Cindy Grindstaff's Birthday!!

11 Jeanie Phasiname's Birthday!!

11 Curriculum Meeting @ CO with KR & DF @ 8:30 AM (PS)

12 Wolf Moon

16 Martin Luther King Jr. Day - No School!!

23 Teacher Workday

24 Administrators' Meeting @ CO @ 8:30 AM (PS)

26 Faculty Meeting in Media Center @ 3 PM


2 Groundhog Day!! (Pray for Clouds!)

2 BCPS Science Fair @ Old Rock School

5 Super Bowl!!

8 Curriculum Meeting with KR & DF @ CO @ 8:30 AM (PS)

10 Snow Moon

13 Lisa Dale's Birthday!!

17 Lindsay Sain's Birthday!!

20 Teacher Workday

21 Jeanie Hawkins' Birthday!!

22 Washington's Birthday

27 Amy Kirkley's Birthday!!

27 Glenda Stephens' Birthday!!

28 Stephanie Price's Birthday!!

28 Battle of the Books @ Glen Alpine High School Building


2 MathCounts @ Old Rock School

4 Leslie Gragg's Birthday!!

4 Christie Ulrich's Birthday!!

6 Leslie Ratliff's Birthday!!

7 Administrators' Meeting @ CO @ 8:30 AM (PS)

8 Curriculum Meeting @ CO with KR & DF @ 8:30 AM (PS)

9 Sia Moua's Birthday!!

9 Faculty Meeting @ 3 PM in Media Center

16 James Johnson's Birthday!!

20 First day of Spring!!

27 Cindy Pendleton's Birthday!!

28 Grades 3-5 to WJMS for "New Kids Play"

30 Trina Farris' Birthday!!

31 Teacher Workday


3 Terri Morris' Birthday!!

4 Melissa Golden's Birthday!!

11 Administrators' Meeting @ CO @ 8:30 AM (PS)

12 Lisa Conley's Birthday!!

12 Curriculum Meeting @ CO with KR & DF @ 8:30 AM (PS)

12 Faculty Meeting in Media Center @ 3 PM

13 Logan James' Birthday!!

13 1/2 Day for Students

14 Mandy Allen's Birthday!!

14 Good Friday

14-23 Easter Break - No School!!!

23 Chelsea Goines' Birthday!!

26 Lisa Smith's Birthday!!

29 Erica Altamirano's Birthday!!


6 Billie Strickland's Birthday!!

10 Jane Dale's Birthday!!

10 Curriculum Meeting @ CO with KR & DF @ 8:30 AM (PS)

12 Janet Berry's Birthday!!

14 Elise Hembree's Birthday!!

19 Kindergarten to Tweetsie RR - Yeeha!!!

22 Kerri Phipps' Birthday!!

23 Administrators' Meeting @ CO @ 8:30 AM (PS)

25 Faculty Meeting in Media Center @ 3 PM

29 Memorial Day - No School!! (Remember Those Who Have Given the Ultimate Sacrifice for Our Country)

30 Dianna Wooten's Birthday!!


3 Hannah Digh's Birthday!!

6 D-Day 73rd Anniversary

9 1/2 day for Students and Last Day of School!!!!!

12 Mandatory Teacher Workday

13 Teacher Workday

14 Teacher Workday

15 Teacher Workday

16 Teacher Workday

21 First Day of Summer


4 Independence Day

9 Deb Bolinger's Birthday!!

14 Tanya Klanert's Birthday!!

15 Amber Lackey's Birthday!!

17-18 Administrators' Retreat

22 Blair Christian's Birthday!!

23 Mary Murray's Birthday!!

24 Tamara Nicholson's Birthday!!


2 Jaquie Grady's Birthday!!

6 Todd Rader's Birthday!!

9 Catharine Wortman's Birthday!!

10 Kim Rudisill's Birthday!!

22 Linda Carter's Birthday!!

24 Tamber Duvall's Birthday!!


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Quotable Quotes

The most skillful gambler and the nerviest, speediest, deadliest man with a gun that I ever knew.

Wyatt Earp speaking of his friend, John Henry "Doc" Holliday

Informational Items

1. Our School Improvement Plan must be updated NLT November 4, 2016. This is a change. We have to put our plan on ncstar which is a web-based plan. We have much work to do to get it ready to turn in to the school board by then. Please be prepared to help if a SIT member comes to you for assistance.

2. Our SIT will meet next Tuesday starting at 11:30 AM to work on our plan. We will have subs in some classes to cover for our teachers.

3. Make sure all classrooms/pullout areas have the PBIS matrix and classroom rules posted. this is helpful when the office receives discipline referrals or for you when speaking to parents about a concern. Help the student to associate their misbehavior with the broken rule. Remember the matrix is an umbrella of expectations for the entire school. Your classroom rules should include 3-5 expectations that address safety, the most frequent/problematic behaviors in your class, what upsets us as educators, and other rules that create order and positive outcomes in your class. for example, if movement in the classroom bothers you, them you need a rule about that. If noises bother you then you need a rule for that. This was an activity you completed in CHAMPS training.

4. Christmas assistance information (Toys for Tots, Salvation Army, Christmas Cheer, etc.) is available on the school counselor's website under the events tab. this information will also be sent home with students.

5. Internet Safety Night will be held at WAYE on November 7th in the Music Room. Staff members are welcome to attend. This information will be helpful to anyone with children that use electronic devices, especially those with older children who have their own phone or device.

6. Please make sure to turn off lights when you leave a room and turn off everything when you leave for the day. This helps save our system money we can use on things to help educate kids and help our employees.

7. The BCPS Spelling bee will be at Patton High School on Monday, October 24, 2016 at 7:00 PM.

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Student Government

Our student council will present the Pledge of Allegiance at our Burke County Commissioner's Meeting on December 20, 2016 at 6:00 PM. The meetings are held in the County Board Room in the Burke County Services Building at 110 North Green Street, Entrance E.


I really enjoy looking through your lessons on PlanBook and can tell that a lot of time is being spent on aligning standards with your instruction. I know it is hard to learn a new way of doing something, but it will get easier as the year progresses. PlanBook will make your instruction better because it gives you more focus on where you are going and a plan on how to help get you there. Thank you for being so agreeable in using a tool that you have been unfamiliar with in the past. I sure do appreciate you and we'll get through this.

Curriculum Matters

How do you see the role of the teacher in the learning process?

One More Thing

A True Friend Won't Let You Face Tough Times Alone.
John Ford - My Darling Clementine. The Last Scene
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