Causes of the American Revolution


The American Revoultion

The American revolution is a event that started in 1763 to 1776.Some causes of this event were from the colonists and political from the Britain.One of these causes was the navigation; this act was the first cause of the American revolution in which Britain put Mercantilism to practice.The colonists were just to get independence from there evil king.
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Navigation Acts

The Navigation Act is a act that put the theory of mercantilism to practice at the beginning of 1650.This act stated that all colonies in america can only ship goods to England,most people were not happy but became more opposed of it once the sugar act came.The sugar act was when they were only can get sugar from British west indies.

This was the first start of tension between the colonists and the king.

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The Proclamation of 1763

The Proclamation was created after the French and Indian war.The proclamation was created by King George III in order to prevent more conflict.The colonists however, weren't to happy about this though.They were mad because, they can't move west and they don't want soldiers to live among them
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The Stamp Act

The Stamp act was created in 1765 and its purpose was to tax everything on paper.This act was created so they can get money to pay off debut from the French and Indian war. Most colonists were unhappy of this law and thoughts Samuel Adams created the Committees of Correspondence a group that protested the law by boycotting.He also help out the Sons of Liberty who use Violence against British official to get there message across.

Later on The Stamp Act congress was in session.They discussed about how only colonies should taxes colonists.As result,of boycotting and Benjamin Franklin address the King respond with the Declaration act.

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Quartering Act

The Quartering Act was was created in 1765 after the Stamp Act and its purpose was for colonists to house soldiers. The issues for the colonists from this law is that colonists are losing there rights and having writs of assistance blank.There also, the fact that taking care of the soldiers are super expensive
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Townshend Acts

The Townshend Act as at that taxed on all tea,glass,and papers.The colonists again Boycotted and a group of women known as the Daughters of Liberty decide to make there own cloth rather then buying cloth.By 1770 the protest work and repealed most taxes except for the tea.
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Boston Massacre

This event happened on March 5,1770 and its unfolded by a crowd gathering against British soldiers.Things got out of control and solider fired on the colonists; 5 people died from this event.Samuel Adams and some colonists decide to make this event used for propaganda to influence people.John Adams chose to represent the soldiers in a jury.
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Tea Act and Boston Tea Party

In 1773, Parliament passed the Tea Act which only allowed the British East India Company to sell there tea to colonies.The colonists were still mad even thought the tea was at very low prices because, they were forced to pay import taxes.Then in December 16,1773, The Sons of Liberty decide to disguise them self as Native Americans and throw 342 crates of tea into the sea.
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Coercive Act(Intolerable Acts)

In spring of 1774, they made a law called the Coercive Acts also, known as the Intolerable Acts because of its harsh effects.This law stopped all trades between Boston and Britain, gave Britain control over the colony, and strengthened the Quartering Act. This greatly impacted the economies and led to support Boston to get goods from other colonies. This sparked the revolutionary spirit.
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