By: Morgan Speanburg

6 classes of nutrients

- carbohydrates (4 calories / gram)

~Give you energy

~includes sugars, starches, fiber

-proteins (4 calories / gram)

~made of amino acids

~builds and repair structures

~regulate and processes in the body

-fats (9 calories / gram)

~the main form of energy storage in the body

-vitamins (0 calories)

-minerals (0 calories)

-water (0 calories)

"When you think about quitting: remember why you started."


You should exercise 60 minutes each day, it not only is good for your body but helps burn off the calories you ate. The thing about exercising more is it makes you more hungry, but instead of just snacking you could eat a salad or any type of vegetables for lower calories and they keep you full for a longer time.
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"Strive for progress, not perfection."

Nutrition tips

-make half your plate fruits and vegetables

-have physical activity

-make a least half your grains whole wheat

-switch to low-fat or fat free milk

-cut back on sodium

-try and eat smaller portions

-avoid eating at later at night (because you won't burn any of those calories off)