2-Day Tales

A Peek Inside Our Preschool Classroom

Mrs. Drew and Mrs. Nier's Tues/Wed Class, April 7, 2014

Quick March Wrap Up

Lots of green and rainbows were found throughout the classroom, not to mention Lions and Lambs!

Speaking of "green", we're excited about the projects the children made for the "Recycle" theme for the Art Show.

We did a wind exploration in which I used a straw to blow up a plastic bag, which was full of tissue paper pieces. We discussed that although we can't see the air, we can see the effects of air. The bag looked like a puffy pillow, and the paper was swirling around.

We took advantage of the wind theme to once again practice a wind drill in our classroom.

On March 27th, I forwarded a survey to each family's email address from our Board of Directors. If you did not receive this, please let me know; I'd really like to make sure everyone received it.

How did you like the trip to the BC Children's Museum? This was the first year our school made this trip...we'd be interested to know what you thought.

Spring has Sprung...?

We're so happy to put the Winter behind us and look ahead to Spring...hopefully, we'll have some beautiful weather to enjoy soon.

Happy to Return to the Playground

Finally! We had some nice weather days to go outside recently.

April showers bring...mud puddles

We love the hallway display the children made by painting their rain boots and adding glitter drops to umbrellas. The most fun was group painting the mud puddles...for which we mixed shaving cream, paint and glue. Some children couldn't wait to dive right in with their hands, while others preferred brushes. A great cooperative and sensory experience!

As part of our discussion of rain showers, we did an exploration using a mason jar covered with a white paper towel. The paper towel was the "cloud". We added blue water to the cloud using an eye dropper, bit by bit, until it became so full, it "rained" down into the jar. We talked a bit about the water cycle as well.

The sensory box was full of water and a supply of cotton balls and cloud shaped sponge for making "rain".

Show & Tell

The children continue to do a very nice job with their Show & Tell presentations. We've enjoyed seeing the students' favorite stuffed animals, as well as all kinds of "Frozen" toys. Way to go Kaitlin, Leah, Lily, Lyla and Maisey!

bravo, children...bravo!

The children were terrific in the Spring Show last Friday...just what we needed after a long blustery Winter. We hope you enjoyed the show! (The flowers that the children painted for the scenery will be kept at school to be displayed again in May before we send home.)

Prior to the show, the children had a fun morning with our Thursday/Friday class. They rotated in groups to: (1) an "obstacle course" (with steps to climb, a balance beam and hoops to hop through); (2) play dough table; (3) project table (making bunny bags for the Easter Egg hunt); and, to the big blanket on the floor for a read-aloud story. They enjoyed juice and a snack, then recess in the gym before the big show!

easter egg hunt

The students' Easter Egg Hunt will take place on Wednesday, 4/16/14 at 11:15. If the weather is nice, it will take place outside on the grassy area along the side of the school, close to the playground in the picnic table area. If the weather doesn't cooperate, we'll hold it indoors (at a place to be determined), still at 11:15. Parents/caregivers are invited back at that time to watch the children collect their eggs. We ask that each family donate the following for the Easter Egg Hunt: 6 REGULAR-SIZED plastic eggs filled with a treat (stickers, nut-free treat, etc.). Kindly turn these in by no later than Tuesday, 4/15/14. (We ask for regular-sized eggs because the children use egg cartons to hold the eggs they find and the bigger eggs don’t fit.)

would someone like to volunteer to donate a special snack?

We'll hold a simple Easter party for the students at their regular snack time on 4/16 just before the Egg Hunt. Would someone like to donate a special treat for the occasion (we have 13 students)? Please let me know if you're interested. Thank you.

some of the books we've read...

(I've left my list at school; here's what I can remember without looking):

In Like a Lion, Out Like a Lamb, Marion Dane Bauer

Little Blue and Little Yellow, Leo Lionni

Wind, Marion Dane Bauer

Dandelion Adventures, L. Patricia Kite

St. Patrick's Day, Anne Rockwell

Duck at the Door, Jackie Urbanovic


  • We have lots of Easter themed activities, centers, books and sensory box items as we get ready for the upcoming holiday.
  • After Easter, we return to school on Tuesday, April 22...we'll make a project based on an Eric Carle book which will be displayed in the Art Show on Friday, May 16th (6:00 - 8:00 PM). Mark your calendars now; it's a very special night at our school!
  • Progress Reports are sent home on our last day of class, Tuesday, 5/20.
  • We’re requesting a plain white, washed t-shirt from each child to be turned in by Tuesday, 5/6. We’ll be stenciling these with our school logo, then sending them back home; we ask that the students wear these to our end-of-year family picnic (held on the morning of Wednesday, 5/21at Bush Park).
  • Summer camp registration is underway. As of this moment, I believe there are still some open slots in each of the 3 weeks, but that's changing daily as forms are turned in.