"Fifth Grade Features"

Mrs. Ryan's Class ~ April Newsletter

We Are Done M-Steppin'!

I want to give kudos to the boys and girls for working so hard during the M-Step testing! Fifth graders were tested in the areas of ELA, Math, and Social Studies. The M-Step was new to all of us and the class handled it all so very well. I am very proud of their efforts. Please remember that any standardized test that your child takes is just ONE snapshot of what your child is capable of doing:)

Curriculum News to Know

Reading: We are enjoying our Non-fiction Reading Unit using Zoobooks. We have discussed what good readers do before reading non-fiction (the 3 P's; preview, predict, prior knowledge, and Questioning) as well as after. During our IDR time the boys and girls read non-fiction books of their choice. They really seem to be enjoying this!

Writing: Our Informational Writing Unit correlates nicely with our reading unit as we will be writing an informational book on a topic that we feel we are an "expert" in. Some research will also be done for this. It will be interesting to see what topic the boys and girls choose!

Math: "Please Excuse My Dear Aunt Sally" is our focus for Unit 7 in math...Order of Operations! When solving a multi-step expression this little saying is extremely helpful in remembering that you do Parentheses first, then Exponents, then Multiply or Divide (left to right), then Add or Subtract (left to right). Extra practice with these types of expressions is highly encouraged. You can find lots of practice problems online:)

Social Studies: We will spend a short time learning about slavery from the point of view of West Africans. Following, we will learn the events that created tensions between the colonies and Britain from 1754 to the end of 1774.

Science: We finished our mini-unit on cells and will now begin to learn about some of the different body systems. There are lots! We will begin with the circulatory system.

Guess what???!!!

I wanted to be able to share with you some exciting news! I have decided to retire at the end of this school year. My 25 years in the Royal Oak School District have been absolutely amazing! But I am ready for the next chapter in my life:) I have loved being here at Northwood these past two years. What a wonderful community of children and families! I want to thank each and every one of you for your support this year. I cannot begin to tell you how much it means to me! I feel that I have come full circle in that I am finishing my teaching career at the very school that I attended as a little girl!

5th Grade Recognition

In preparation for 5th Grade Recognition, your help is needed gathering photos for the slide show. Please send in photos on a flash drive to me, or use the link and password to upload photos to the Shutterfly share site - see below :)

The password is: northwood2015

The Shutterfly site will be taken down after 5th Grade Recognition. Photos should be individual or group shots of students at school-related activities ONLY. They can be photos from any year of your child's time at Northwood. If you have any questions, please contact Mrs. Tracy Purrenhage at the email address below.

Mark Your Calendar!

5/5 Election

5/7 5th Grade Vocal Music Concert @ 7 pm in Cafe (North Doors Open at 6:45; students should arrive at this time) Direct all questions to Anna RIchert: richerta@royaloakschools.org


5/10 Happy Mother's Day!!

5/11 PTA Meeting at 7 pm (Note: mtg. is at Hamlin Corner)

5/13 Late Start

5/13 Junior Olympics @ 6 pm ROHS - Direct all questions to K. Doody:doodyk@royaloakschools.org

5/14 PTA Battle of the Books @ 6:30 pm in CAFE

5/15 Field Day starts at 1 pm

5/16 Boys and Girls Club Walk

5/20 Late Start

5/21 Play: Trial of Mother Goose in cafe at 7 pm

5/22 Spirit Friday - Red, White and Blue Day

5/25 Memorial Day NO SCHOOL

5/27 NWEA testing (morning and afternoon)

5/28 Safeties Bowling field trip 10:30-1:00 PM