Choice Project

By: Jacobi Rife

Ways Judaism, Islam, and Christianity are alike

  • An important person mentioned in all three religions is Abraham. He is a well known religious leader. Abraham was chosen to go on a sort of pilgrimage to Mesopotamia and talk to god where god promised Abraham that he would multiply his offspring and make them into great people and a blessing to the nations.
  • These three religions all believe in one god Allah for Islam,God for Christianity,and YHWH for Judaism . This type of religion is called a Monotheistic religion although Islam wasn't always this way they used to believe in many gods until Muhammad spoke of the only god Allah.
  • All three believe in a sort of afterlife that people go to after they die this place is promising to the people who believe in the afterlife. Many of the people of this religion believe that the life that they live now is just a test to see if they are worthy of having a good afterlife.

Facts About Christianity

  • God and Virgin Mary gave birth to a son named Jesus (our savior) He is considered Christianity's savior because God was going to was to kill Christians for sinning all the time but Jesus came down from heaven and saved Christians from our sins and taught Christians new ways of how to not sin.
  • Christians have holidays for Jesus being born and also for Jesus being crucified Christians also pray sometimes to talk to Jesus and thank him for saving them and giving them the opportunity to live their lives the way they want.
  • Christianity is the largest religion practiced in the world with around two billion people practicing it. It has been practiced since the first century. Christians also believe in eternal hell if they do not believe or trust god and Jesus because if they don't they will go to the devil and spend the rest of their eternal life their.

Facts About Judaism

  • Judaism has about 14 million the reason for such a low amount is because of the holocaust 1933 when the Nazi's grabbed as much Jews as they could and put them into work camps or torture camps where they would probably be killed either in a gas chamber or starved.
  • Judaism is also one of the oldest religions practiced and is still practiced today it was founded about 3500 years ago. That is why it is considered as one of the oldest religions established and still practiced.
  • Jews believe that Jesus wasn't born from a virgin but from a normal woman and wasn't killed by crucifixion but died a normal death. This is just how their religion tells it while Christianity is the opposite.

Facts About Islam

  • Islam at one point was a polytheistic religion which means to believe in many gods instead of being monotheistic which means to believe in one god. They were polytheistic for a long while until Muhammad taught the Muslims about the Allah who was mentioned to Muhammad by angel Gabriel while Muhammad was meditating in a cave. At first no one believed Muhammad when he told about Allah so Muhammad was kicked out of Mecca and went and taught others about Monotheism only to return a couple of years later and try to tak some sense into the people of Mecca and it surprisingly worked this time so all of Muhammad's hard work finally paid off.
  • Muslims show their love to Allah by praying five times a day everyday, fasting, and making pilgrimages just for Allah their God and if it weren't for Muhammad they would've never found this great way to live. Islam was founded in the seventh century a very long time ago.
  • Islam strongly believes in an afterlife that is determined in this life. Many Muslims think that this life is just a test to determine if they get into a good afterlife or eternal hell which I wouldn't want eternal hell and I don't think you would either that is why you make good choices in this life to prevent eternal hell. On the other hand if you are good during this life then you should go to eternal paradise a place where you get to do anything you want and see anything hence the name " Eternal Paradise" that s why you should be good in this life .

Facts Shared Between 2 of the 3 Religions

  • Did you know that Islam and Judaism both believe in resurrection of the dead and believe in both heaven and hell? Well it's true they do and they both believe strongly in heaven and hell or an afterlife paradise or eternal hell.
  • Judaism and Christianity both believe in the ten commandments You shall have no other god before me, you shall not make idols, you shall not use god's name in vain, remember the Sabbath day to keep it holy, honor your father and your mother, you shall not murder, you shall not commit adultery, you shall not steal, you shall not bear false witness against your neighbor, you shall not covet
  • Both Islam and Christianity believe in Jesus and that he was born from one of the virgins and that he was crucified. Both also believe that Jesus is the messiah and performed miracles and that Satan is evil and people should not follow him.