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That’s about the same as asking “how long does it take to fall in love”. It depends on how well you market yourself, whether you dress right, and who’s the competition. Of course, you could do all those things and still be single. Fortunately, with skillful search engine optimization you can level the playing field on the internet. That’s how to get on Google’s first page.

The Best Way to Win a Race

Regardless of what athletics coaches say, the only sure fire way to win a race is to be the only competitor on the track. Search engine optimization specialists who promise you top spot on Google, may as well promise you a pot of gold under the rainbow too. You are not the only person who wants to race to the Google mountain top. Countless others have the same idea.

Let’s Rephrase the Question

A campaign to be high up on Google is an ongoing process, not an event. When people ask me how to get on Google’s first page and how long it takes, I reply “forever”. That’s because Google keeps changing rules, and keywords go in and out of fashion. Don’t shoot the messenger. This is one search engine optimization blog that’s honest.

Smart Way to Get on Google’s First Page

Short cut is not the same as fast track. Anybody who kids you otherwise plans to spend your money on Google advertising. Now while I’ll admit that does have quick results, I’ll add that the pleasure fades quickly when you stop paying for it. My search engine optimization strategy is long-term, and depends on three corners of a proven pyramid:

  • On-site optimization – That is optimizing your website and research just the right keywords for you.
  • Best of off-site SEO techniques – as in hacking SEO has two sorts of techniques – White hat and black hat. Black hat techniques may get you on top of Google results for a short period of time (until Google’s next update). While using white hat SEO techniques will take longer to get higher ranked on Google results – but it’s much easier to stay there. Needless to say – We are using only white hat SEO techniques.
  • Optimized pull on social media

Let’s unpick the sesearch engine optimization essentials in a bit more detail to see how they help you to how to get on Google’s first pageand stay there

Secrets of Success on the Internet

You need customers to win in business, and to do that you need to attract them first. Think of your website as a high street storefront for a moment. It must have attractive signage and the right things in the windows. When customers walk inside, you must have what they are looking for.If they are happy, they will recommend you to their friends.

Keywords are the signage that makes curious customers stop by. Meta descriptions are your window displays that convince your visitors to take a second look. Social media is where your customers talk. Now you understand what SEO is, the obvious question is, why me?

Getting on Google’s First Page Takes Time

I promise you three things. I will get your website onto the first page of Google and keep it there. This is going to take time and test your patience. When you see the results in your bottom line, you will agree you spent your money wisely.

The Second Bottom Line

When you came here, you were probably wondering about SEO and how to get on Google’s first page. You now know the question should read how to stay there permanently. My search engine optimization and web design new York service focuses on the latter goal. I never promise search engine results with deadlines I cannot meet.