♦4 Types Of Protist♦

By AdamYoung And NickRmah


1. The liquid state of an amoeba is called plasmasol,while the would state is called plasmagel

2. When amoeba is startled it immediately transforms into a star shape

3. A species of amoeba called Pelomyxa Palustris can grow up to 5 millimeters! Some amobeas will come toghether to form a big slime mold.

4.amobeas reproduces asexually.


1. Moves using a flagellum

2. Gets food using photosynthesis.

3. Euglenas reproduce asexually.

4. Euglenas have a protective outer covering.

the big 4

the 4 protists


1.The paramecium moves with its cillia.

2. The way the paramecium gets food is that it uses its cillia to gather food.

3. Paramecium reproduces asexually.

4.The paramecuim has 2 nuclei.


1. Moves using eyespots and flagella

2. Gets food using photosynthesis

3. The only protist that reproduces sexually

4. Can form colonies.