Joshua scott


This has been one of the worst things that has happened to a person just because of the skin of their color.
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I really didn't like it all what happened in that time period people were getting hanged, whipped, and raped.
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Segregation they put the whites and blacks in different areas we did not felt equal. this was a time that us black people had won of the greatest speeches in time like, I had a dream, and malcmom x speech at ford auditiorm
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Cops using their power in a wrong way killing people for just being innocent and when they go to court we don't have a fair case they rule in the cops favor every time. What there doing right now its not right at all this and we need to be equal again.
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From the 1800's to present day we still haven't stopped racism this has been a major controversial issue since we can think of i just wish that we can solve this issue and stop this forever.
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