Civil Rights Movement.

by Cody Martin


The Civil Rights movement has contributed greatly to the society of the United States. Without it we would still have a large separation between blacks and whites. The way business would run would be different. Also we as a people have a new view on life for both blacks and whites.

Emmett Louis Till

Emmett was a young black boy that had to go to Mississippi. He had a picture of a white girl that he liked to brag was his girlfriend. One day he chose to show a couple white boys the picture. They wanted him to prove that he could talk to white girls. He went into a store and on the way out said, "bye baby" to the female store clerk. He was later killed my the woman's husband and a few of his friends.

William Moore

William was a white male that believed strongly in racial diversity, even though others though he was stupid to do so. A group of men that didn't like his points of views ended up killing him as a way to shut him up. The key to his story though was that nobody did anything about it. The murderers were left alone with the blood of an innocent man on their hands.

Honorable Mentions

Top 5 events in the Civil Rights Movement

The Little Rock Crisis

We all know of the little rock nine that were almost forced to not go to school simply because a few people didn't want them to.

Brown vs the Board of Education

A girl who's parents sued an all white school, cause a court case that was taken to the supreme court. The decision was considered one of the most pivotal decisions made in the civil rights movement.

Murder of Emmet Till

A black boy who was murdered by the husband a white woman that Emmet had said, "hey baby" too.

Albany Movement

A large group of organizations, along with MLK, that caused a movement, but failed. The reason it made top five was because It was a great example for other movements in the future that led to success.

Montgomery Bus Boycott

A protest that lasted from when Rosa Parks was arrested to when the supreme court found it unconstitutional to have segregated buses