Literary Device By: Sai Prakash Kumar

What is the definition of Mood

Pronunciation: Moo + de = Mood

In literature, mood is a literary element that brings out certain feelings in readers through words and descriptions. It also brings out emotional situations that surround the reader.

Here is an image of an ANGRY mood that can be brought out in readers through words and descriptions that creates an angry mood.

Synonyms for the word "Mood"

Some synonyms for the word Mood are tone, disposition, feelings, emotion, inclination, atmosphere and Frame of Mind.

What part of speech is the word "Mood" and Derivatives for it

The word "Mood" is a noun because there are a lot of categories for noun and Mood is under 'Abstract Noun' category which means it names an idea, feeling, emotion, or quality. So the word mood is also known as feeling and emotion, which means that mood goes under Noun.


Adjective: Moody, moodier and moodiest

Noun: Moodiness and Moods

Adverb: Moodily

Visual Representations for Mood

Examples of Mood

Example: “The River, reflecting the clear blue of the sky, glistened and sparkled as it flowed noiselessly on.

This example creates a scene that is a calm and non-violent mood to the readers

My Example: "Sam drank very filthy water which contained grass, mud, soil and bugs."

This example creates a scene that is a nauseous and a very disgusting mood to the readers.