Becoming a Citizen

Steps to becoming a United States Citizen - Maren Lewallen

Step One: Eligibility

- 18 years old

- 5 years stay in USA

- good character

Step Two: Completing Application

- complete Form n-400

- two decent photographs

- collect documents and fees that are needed

Step Three: Getting Fingerprinted

- Receive Appointment

- Go to location

- fingerprints are taken

- Mail in additional documents

Step Four: Interview and Test

- Go to appointment for interview

- Go to interview

- Bring ID

- Answer questions about application

- Take English and Civics Test

- Get a decision on whether you are a citizen or not

Step Five: Taking the Oath of Allegiance

- Get a ceremony date

- Check in at ceremony

- Return Permanent Resident Card

- Answer any questions about your life after Interview

- Take the Oath of allegiance