Happy Birthday Mannat (Rat)


December 4th

It's the one day in a whole year that revolves around you in particular! You basically "own" the day if you want to think of it like that! It is the day when you are done being a stubborn child and you open the door to a journey of a happy, teenage life. Obviously, metaphorically speaking so don't expect a magical door appear for you to open, but you get the message
Thirteen is your new age, but does it really matter? No, because none of us are gonna let you change your devil/innocent personality that only close people know about. You might be a little annoying at times but that doesn't mean that you are not important to us. You have made a spot in all of our hearts, no matter how retarded that sounds, it's true.
With a friend like you, who cares and supports us with such pride, life and the world turns into so much FUN