Crabapple School

January 1878 - May 1957

Fun Facts

1. Two families really wanted to donate land to build the school on, so they had a race to see who would get to donate. Mathias Schmidt won.

2. The small room in the schoolhouse was used as the classroom. The larger room was used as a house for the teacher, Henry Groote, and his wife, Minna.

3. Most children enrolled around the age of eight and quit at twelve or thirteen.

4. The cost of living for the teachers at Crabapple was low as they were paid $40.00 per month and were given many food and fuel donations from the community.

5. Many events still occur at the schoolhouse such as meetings, reunions, parties and weddings.

Timeline of the Crabapple Schoolhouse

1845- Crabapple Community was built by some of the earliest immigrants who came to Fredericksburg, Tx

January 5, 1878- The Crabapple Schoolhouse opened

1882- A second building was created (later used as a post office from 1887-1910)

1884- Crabapple Schoolhouse was designated by Gillespie County

1889- Crapapple was assigned No. 10 for the dividing of districts

1897- Congregation built their own church by the schoolhouse

May, 1953- Crabapple Schoolhouse celebrated its 75th anniversary

May, 1957- the last nine pupils attending the school were taken on buses to FISD

Today- it's used for meetings, weddings, birthdays, voting, and plenty more

Our Biography

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