Distopian Country Project

Lydia Finks

Internet Island

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Reasoning For Flag Details

  • Fade - equality for all
  • Wifi Button - fully digital country

Population and Diversity

Diversity Levels

  • 20% Black
  • 20% White
  • 20% Asian
  • 20% Mexican
  • 20% Mixed


  • All major races in the world
  • Big spectrum of diversity
  • Multiple cultures


  • Not all races are provided
  • Could make country more divided
  • Could be more prone to immigrants

Population Size

2,000 People


  • Small community - more connected community
  • more food and water
  • Space to build on


  • Not as many workers
  • less money to go to the economy for things like schools
  • Not as much law enforcement


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Climate: Cool, Some Rain, slight wind

  • Jackets, pants, any type of shoes, any type of shirt (mostly T-shirt)

Colors: All

  • Shows creativity and expresses themselves

Population: Small

  • Going to be similar since everyone is so connected

History: No war or major attacks

  • No T-shirts have profanity such as guns and fighting that could be offensive or triggering because nobody really understands those things



English and Spanish

Mandatory to learn both



Could cause division and more arguments

Favorite Sports


Could cause harm

Signature Food

Fast Food (At most 2 times every week):

  • Chipotle
  • Sonic
  • Etc.

Healthy Food:

  • Salad
  • Grilled Chicken
  • Etc.



  • Small group that makes the big decisions
  • Group gets final say
  • Equal characteristics in group

Who Has The Power?

The group called The Uploaders.

Role Of The People

  • Farm
  • Work
  • Vote for new members of The Uploaders, even though they get the final say


  • Don't use any form of violence
  • Don't own weapons (Guns, Hunting knives, etc.)
  • You must treat everybody with equal respect
  • You must contribute in the society by age 30

Why Choose This System Of Government?

  • People seem to trust a group more than a single person with power
  • More opinions on things.
  • If one person were to leave or die, the others could pick up the pieces.

Why This System Is Successful

  • Not as many protests or riots
  • Could stay standing because when one leaves the others can find a new replacement
  • Makes it easy to have everything stay steady

How It Will Impact Human Conditions

  • Make people more close minded
  • People will become less violent.
  • People will be more united.

Rules And Laws

Top 5 Laws

  • Do not treat others with disrespect for their differences such as race and gender
  • Do not kill, injure, molest, or assault anybody.
  • Do not waste any food. If you have extra food give it to the less wealthy or put it in a compost pile.
  • You must use the internet that the government provides.
  • If you are the boss of manager of a business you must allow your workers some type of flexible schedule


  • Break disrespect law: 6 months in jail
  • Break killing law: life in jail
  • If killed more than 2 people: starve to death in jail
  • Break food law: 1 week in jail per amount of food wasted
  • Break internet law: house arrest for 1 week
  • Break schedule law: 5 years in jail


Education System

Year-round Schooling


Can choose to go to college


  • Reduces learning loss
  • Reduces teacher and student "burnout"
  • Helps working parents manage their schedules

Help Human Condition

  • Help teachers and students not have a ball of stress that keeps on piling
  • Help parents stay more organized and feel more put together
  • Help keep everybody feel at ease with the steady flow of school and summer.

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