Mrs Richmond's Newsletter


I have put together a little video that you can share with your child about EOG testing and some tips and tricks.


MATH: We will be continuing with time. We have worked on elapsed time so we will review this and move on to finding start and end times in word problems. Our math lessons will be shorter this week due to mClass assessments.

READING: Next week in reading we will be working with selections that will help with stamina. Over the next few weeks we will be working on selections and reviewing them whole class. These will be a variety of fiction, non-fiction, poetry etc. Grades will be given for these selections but we want the children to be able to work on stamina and practice the whole range of skills taught this year.

SCIENCE: We are working on a Human Body unit.

** Homework - Please sign your child's agenda on a daily basis to show that your child has completed that night's homework. I expect homework to be turned in on time. Every Monday we write all the homework in our agenda so we know when it is due in. Also, please try and let your child do the homework by themselves, but then check it over with them. We go through homework every day so the children are aware of how they should answer the questions.

mClass Reading Assessments

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We will be testing the children on their final reading level starting next week. Please discuss with your child the importance of reading clearly, fluently, and accurately. They will also be tested on their BAT responses and answering questions related to the book they have read.


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This week you will be receiving a secret letter from me about the EOG's. I am asking parents to write a supportive letter for their child which they can read the day before EOG's and keep in their desk for the rest of the week. I would like to keep this a secret from the children. In the past, the children have been so surprised and so happy to read words of encouragement. We have worked so hard all year and I want the class to know that we are all behind them. Thank you for your discretion. Remember to send your letters in an envelope that is sealed with my name on the front. Pop it in your child's agenda and I will save them until the day before EOG's. Thank you so much in advance.

EOG Breakfast & Snacks

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On each morning of the EOG's, I will be providing the class with some healthy snacks (fruit, nature valley bars, OJ) as they will be unable to eat a snack or have a drink until everyone has finished testing (potentially up to 3 hours). Therefore, if you would like to send your child in with any extra snacks for the class, it would really help us out. I thought about getting grapes and bananas and having some snack bars and fresh juice. Anything we don't eat, we can eat afterwards for snack time. Thank you if you are able to help out. I have found in the past that it has helped children be more alert and ready for the tests. I want to make it a nice experience...or try to at least!


As we get closer to the EOG's you may be wondering what you can do to help support your child at home.

One of the things we recommend it reviewing your child's work in their Wednesday folder. We review some of this work where necessary but do not review everything. You are welcome to keep the work for an extra few days if this is helpful, and then sign and return everything to be filed. Below is a link to all the released items that you can practice with your child.

Reading regularly is also important. Listening to your child read and having a discussion about what they are reading is a great way to get your child thinking about what they are reading.


Please save your box tops and turn them in at any point during the term!

Thank you so much to everyone who brought them in. The next collection will be May 13th.

Thank you again for supporting our school.


05.02-16 - 05.06.16 - Teacher appreciation week

05.02.16 - Mclass window opens. Your child will be tested by a different third grade teacher during this time.

05.03.16 - Terrific kid breakfast

05.04.16 - Report cards issued

05.04.16 - Teacher appreciation luncheon

05.06.16 - Sky zone spirit night

05.12.16 - Sweet frog spirit night

05.13.16 - Box tops due