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Week of November 17 - November 21

“Give yourself not just your opinion"

Life Principle of the Week


“The most important prayer in the world is two words long - Thank You.”

-Meister Eckehart

The Week(s) in Review

Over the past few weeks we have been hard at work completing our study of plants and we have moved into the world of physical science and matter. Our plant books were a learning experience for us all! We learned about our area, the types of plants that are able to successfully grow here, and some that are not, and why they can or cannot grow in this part of the country. We reviewed with our friends to make sure we had the proper components of the rubric in our books.

We learned that matter is everything! It is everywhere because it is anything that has mass and takes up space. So far we have covered mass and weight (they are different!) and we will continue to learn about the properties of matter along with the tools we use for them.

In Social Studies, we have made it to the most exciting part of Texas history, the Texas Revolution. We learned about some of the causes and events leading up to it, and on Monday we will launch into the next phase of the Texas Revolution in which Mrs. McConnell has challenged us to write an informational book to help younger learners study how Texas became a state! What an exciting challenge!

On Deck: Science & Social Studies

Next week we will continue to look at the different properties of matter with things like temperature, states of matter, and sink/float.

In Social Studies, we will begin work to become an expert on a topic within the Texas Revolution and we will be responsible for a page in our team's book with that information.

Events for the Calendar:

Below are a few events that are taking place this week:

Monday November 17th: New Student Breakfast

Wednesday November 19th: Thanksgiving Feast during lunch

If you need any information about items events listed in this section please don't hesitate to email me!

Discovery Education

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  • When: Any day that you would like to help.
  • Time: 12:15 pm - 1:15 pm

Please be sure to have your background check done prior to volunteering.

Thank you in advance for donating your time.

- 4th Grade Room Moms


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