Week at a Glance

January 18 to January 22

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"B" Week Mid-day Collaboration- Week 2 of Benchmarking and ACCESS

Monday, January, 18- NO SCHOOL- Observance of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.'s birthday

PTO "No Cook" Fundraiser at Woodridge Caffe

Tuesday, January 19- Follow MONDAY schedule

Preschool Screening at Edgewood- Thank you to all for rerouting classroom travel to the lower level, by only using the North Staircase- all day.

Tammy and Lindsey at EL Achieve Training. Tanya out of the building until 10:00 A.M.

Start of session #2 after-school activities:

Edgewood Highlights Club (grades 4-6)- Sara and Pam S.

Battle of the Books Club (grades 3-6)- Laura K.

Creative Concepts Club (grades 1 and 2)- Melody and Laura S.

Club rosters will be shared with main office and teachers of students attending after school sessions.

The activity bus can be used by students who are also staying after school for study hall support.

Wednesday, January 20- ISBE audit interview- Tanya will be meeting with a compliance audit representative from 10:30 A.M. to 12:30 P.M.

Thursday, January 21- Next Gen Science Committee Meeting, in the P.M.- Melanie, Lesley and Tanya out of the building.

Friday, January 22-

3:00 to 3:30 Parent/teacher conference scheduling coordination for families, in the LRC.

Tanya out of the building today.

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Model Mini-lesson- Thank you, Lesley, for hosting Michelle Stone and this learning experience in your classroom!

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If you have been looking for reading partner discussion ideas, send me a message and I'll forward some that I have purchased...similar to those pictured above.

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A nice structure to help students with giving each other class meeting compliments.

Upcoming dates and events to keep in mind...

Monday, January 25- Send home conference time confirmation notes to families today.

3:00 to 4:00 P.M. Monday Meeting for Certified Staff -we are also welcoming central administration our meeting

Tuesday, January 26- (A.M.) and Wednesday, January 27 (P.M.) - Mid-year data review schedule has been e-mailed

Tuesday, January 26- Assessment and grading task force meeting, in the P.M.

Thursday, January 28- 7:00 P.M. PTO Meeting

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2016 Reading Challenge

It has been so exciting to hear from several staff members that the 2016 Reading Challenge has inspired them to "jump on-board" and share titles they are reading throughout this year. :)

I'm going to figure out a way to have all of our book suggestions and reviews visible in the lounge, and hopefully this will inspire more of our staff to keep reading!

At this time I am tackling The Poisonwood Bible, by Barbara Kingsolver for enjoyment, and reading Passionate Learners: How to Engage and Empower Your Students, by Pernille Ripp, as my professional read for this month.

Please send any fun or enriching titles that you are reading my way!

Thank you!

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