Play Oxford Report

Week 1...9/9/2013


The time has come to begin earning Play Oxford credit. Monday, September 9th is the start date.

As you begin earning credit, remember these important details.

- Daily Hour Max...You can only earn a total of 1.5 hours of Play Oxford credit per day.

- Weekly Hour Max...You can only earn a total of 5 hours of Play Oxford credit per week.

- What counts as a week?...A Play Oxford week begins on Sunday and ends on Saturday.

- Check you online guide sheet daily!...Go to daily to check your Play Oxford credit. This guide page includes all available activities you can earn Play Oxford credit for, and keeps track of what you have already completed.

- Play Oxford Webpage...Make sure and regularly visit the Play Oxford webpage . This page is full of resources including, a calendar of all Play Oxford activities, the Play Oxford manual, links to health and wellness information and a listing of the hours facilities are open to earn Play Oxford credit.


SEPTEMBER 8-14, 2013

Monday, September 9th

Begin earning Play Oxford credit

Tuesday, September 10th

In front of Lil's

4:00pm-4:45pm...5K run with Amanda Yu (CHL Director) and Chaplin Lyn Pace. Earn 45 minutes of credit.

Wednesday, September 11th

In front of Lil's

4:00p-5:00pm...Gardening in the sustainability garden. Earn up to 60 minutes credit.


  • I will be sending out the Endomondo invite this week. This is a free app you download to your phone. It tracks your fitness activities. You can earn up to 10 hours using Endomondo.
  • Check you Play Oxford guide sheet daily to make sure you are getting you credit, and to keep up with all the activities.

Weight Room Hours for Play Oxford Credit


Mondays-Thursdays...8:30a-10:30a and 3p-10p



Pool Hours for Play Oxford Credit


Brought to you by:

The Oxford College Center For Healthful Living