Ms. Monaghan's Message - August 2

Challenge, Inspire, Empower & Serve

It's August!

Ok, let's be real. I'd wager to say there are two teams of parents out there.

One team who is in denial that it's August, who refuse to look at the calendar or open school emails, and are completely annoyed by the rows of school supplies popping up at Wal-Mart.

The second team are those who started buying school supplies around the first of June, have uniforms pressed and ready, and are counting down the days until the FIRST DAY OF SCHOOL!

SO...which team are you on??

I'm going to be honest. I CANNOT wait to see our students. These hallways are way too quiet for me. I long for the sounds of learning in our classrooms!

But as a mom?

I'm slightly devastated. Two of my four will be headed off to college this year, one leaving home for the first time. I never dreamed I could be so incredibly broken hearted, yet here I am, eyes filling with tears as I type this message. The summer has flown by and she's starting to pack her things and everything in me is yelling SLOW YOUR ROLL!!!

Alas, it's August, whether or not I like it, and it is back to school time! My heart is so full of excitement for exciting adventures that lie ahead for our students, because this year...this year is going to be amazing!

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Challenge, Inspire, Empower, and Serve

Last year, we began to implement these values into the mission of St. Patrick School. Now, more than ever, I think it's vital that we call our students, as well as ourselves, to live up to the values for which we stand.

Challenge: We will continue to have high expectations for our students, while giving them the support they need to be successful. It's important that students learn to persevere in the face of adversity. If something is hard, how will they push through if not for will and determination? But what if they fail? I'd be more concerned if they didn't. We learn from our failures. If everything in school is easy, then we aren't working hard enough. Life isn't easy, there's no good in creating the illusion that it is.

Inspire: Last year, I struggled with the apathy of many of our students. It seemed like nothing we did lit a fire in their souls. Nothing motivated them to work harder or achieve more. This year, we will focus on finding what excites our students, what motivates them, and what pushes them to achieve greatness...yes, greatness!

Empower: You can't just throw a child in a pool and say swim, just like, you can't expect a child to be successful without giving him the necessary tools and strategies. This year, we will focus on life skills and coping skills that empower students to reach for their full potential. We will set them up for success, and push them to work hard to achieve it!

Serve: As Catholics, as Christians, as humans, we are called to serve. This year, we will focus on ways we can serve in our parish, our school, and in our community. We will seek out ways to help our students develop a heart for serving and purposely living out God's will for our lives.

We will work hard at school to live up to the values we have set forth, but we ask you to help us from home. Encourage your child to work hard, support him if he fails, and guide him to pull himself up when he is down. Celebrate his successes, whether big or small, praise his work effort and determination!

Together, we can instill these values in the children of St. Patrick!

Important Upcoming Dates

August 6: School Office Opens, Final Registration fees are due

August 12: Prayer Walk @ 9:45am; Picnic @ Noon

August 13: Back to School Night @ 5:30

August 16: First day of School

August 30: PIE Night (5:30 - K-5; 6:30 - 6-8)

Thank you!!

Our first ever "Pop up Read-In" was a success!! Thank you so much to everyone who came and read with me. We had perfect weather to sit outside and READ!