Mind Controlled Prosthetic Leg

By: Casey Wisniewski

The Article

It was about a man named Zac Vawter and how he participated in the "Sky Rise Chicago" in December. What was special about Zac was that he was wearing a newly made prosthetic leg that he could move the ankle of his leg even though his real body only went to his knees. They do it by having electrical pulses control the movement of the motor in his leg! He also completed the "Sky Rise Chicago".


Zac Vawter who lost his leg in a motorcycle accident.
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Zac Vacter completed "Sky Rise Chicago" with a mind controlled prosthetic leg.


This happend in Chicago IL, at the Willis Tower (aka the Sears Tower)
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December 10th, 2012


He did it to show that he has now a able bodied man again and to show new advances in science.


Scientist did over the course of many years of research along with trial and error.