william patterson jr.

My Great Grandpa

short life history

My great grandfather was born in Mexico City, in 1912. his family had left because of the mexican revaluation,so the moved to San Rafel and he had boarding school in San Fransico. Did I tell you that he was a dentist in world war two! in China and he continued being dentist after the war in Petaluma into the 1980's . My great grandpa named the high school Casa Grande,and started, a family camping trip to a place called Pinecrest where will still go every year every Patterson has gone every year since . He was very active in the community and belong to several clubs such as, The Masons, Kawanas Shriners, Model A, and in the HO train club.


When my great grandpa was born he was alive when the "unsinkable" titanic had sunk,he was razed during the first world war,and fought in world war II,he was in collage during The Great depression . My great grandpa was also alive when disneyland first opened !!