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Problems in Markham by Kevin Attia

The problem with recycling

The reason why i picked problems with recycling because every Tuesday when it is recycling day the garbage people would just throw the bins around and we would have to put it back into our garage. Also one of my neighbors would never put all their bins together and all over the place.

Why Markham shouldn't have more Buses/Transit

The reason why I choose that Markham shouldn't have so much traffic is because where I live near highway 44. Every day there is a lot of traffic at Woodbine and Major Mackenzie, every time i try to pass it would take about 10 minutes to cross because of all the traffic. Also there is a plaza and a fire station in front of my house. This makes it really busy in the summer time because the fire fighter would leave almost every 2 hours. Also because of the plaza it is very busy to get to out. These are some reasons why traffic in Markham is so busy.

The problem of snow Removal

The problem of Snow removal is that every time I shovel my drive way a big truck would come by and put huge hills at the end of the drive way. I feel like they need to fix how they would push the snow away from my house and into the snow plough. It sucks that they always plough the snow in to all of the neighbour hoods driveway.
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