Course Updates

Georgia Virtual School

Grades have been updated!

Hello Parents. We are halfway through the summer semester! I am sure that it feels overwhelming at times for your students. Please encourage them to keep working hard and to finish strong. You can check their grades by using the Parent Portal or clicking on the assessments tab at the top of your student's course home page. Click grades to see a list of all graded items and the current average in the course.

Here is some very important information regarding the final exam:

Public school students need to contact their schools to arrange to take the Milestone exam. The score will be sent to GAVS and will count as the final exam grade for the course. Private school and home school students will take the GAVS online final exam on July 14th.

As always, let me know if you have any questions or concerns.

Kathy Batten


Frequently Asked Questions

1) How many hours a week should my student be working on their online class?

Students are expected to login and participate in the online course on a DAILY basis. Here are the expectations as listed in the student handbook:

Summer semester: Students completing the 6 week course should plan to spend at least six to eight hours per weekday (30 to 40 hours per week) for a 1 unit (AB or block) course. Time required to complete work increases if the student enrolls in a 5 week course.

Please note: You may not be logged in to the course the entire time, but you need to plan on your work taking that much time. You may be able to complete some of your work offline, but you do need access to your computer and the internet every day Monday through Friday. Allow more time if you are not comfortable using a computer.

2) Is extra help available for my student?

Extra-help sessions are offered at least twice a week during the summer. The schedules for the chat sessions are located in the Course Information widget on the right hand side of the course home page. Students can also ask questions through email at any time.

3) How can my student keep up with assignments and due dates?

The course schedule provides a list of due dates for all assignments for the semester. The course schedule can be found within the course syllabus located in the Course Information widget on the course homepage. Print a copy of the course schedule and use it as a guide as you complete and submit assignments. I also provide weekly calendars in the course news announcements.

3) Can my student work ahead if we are going out of town?

Definitely! GAVS students can always work ahead on their coursework.