Newsletter Week 6 Term 4

Sawyers Bay School 24th November 2022

Principal's Message

Kia ora koutou,

This week we get to welcome Rosa to Papatūānuku. We are thrilled to have you with us Rosa.

It has been another busy week at SBS. On Tuesday we were lucky enough to have members of the Dunedin Symphony Orchestra visit the school, perform for us, and teach us a little about the orchestra. The children really enjoyed this opportunity and hopefully it may have even sparked someone's fire to learn a classical instrument. You can see some of the video of the visit below.

A small group of children were also able to attend a second golf coaching session on Tuesday, but this time it was at Port Chalmers Golf Club. A big thank you to Coach Melanie Harper and the Eagles Golf Association who sponsored our coaching sessions, thanks heaps!

Earlier this week I also sent out a community survey and Health Curriculum review form. Thank you to all of the families who have returned this. If you would still like to help us keep our curriculum in line with our community, as well as passing on some feedback, you can do so here:

We look forward to sharing a summary with you soon and taking on your valuable feedback.

Lastly, check out the video below that was created by Genesis Energy SchoolGen Trust with the help of some amazing stars and a slightly camera shy principal.

Mā te wā,

Gareth Swete

Upcoming Events

  • NO Subway available to order - Friday 2nd December
  • Final Assembly - 2pm Friday 9th December
  • Final Day of Term 4 - 1pm Thursday 15th December
Solar at Sawyers Bay School | Genesis School-gen Trust

Assembly Certificates

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Te Ākonga o te Wiki

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Congratulations to Zaria, Arden, Ally, Alexis, Isaac and Brodie who were the Ākonga o te Wiki for their classes this week. The trophy for Week 5 Term 4 went home with Brodie.
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NO Subway available to order - Friday 2 December

Due to the Subway team being shortstaffed on Friday 2 December, please note there will be no delivery on this day.

Subway will return on Friday 9 December and will be our final order for the year.


This week we welcome Rosa Chisholm to Papatūānuku!

We’ve covered a lot of curriculum areas already in just a few days! Firstly we continue to learn about the Living World around us, by watching our class caterpillar munching its way through the leaves of the swan plant.It’s growing a little bigger everyday. Of course we read the book titled The Very Hungry Caterpillar. We’ve started retelling the story in our written work, and are learning to do so in NZ Sign Language as we retell it orally too. Thank you to Charlie and her family for giving us this caterpillar and plant. We also planted some vegetable seeds and our poem was along a similar theme. There are lots of keen gardeners in Papatūānuku!

We were very excited to have a visit from members of the Dunedin Symphony Orchestra on Tuesday afternoon. It was lovely to see so many children’s toes tapping, heads bobbing and bodies moving to the beat as the small ensemble played for us and introduced their instruments, describing how each one worked. Prior to their visit, we did our own learning in class about an orchestra, the names of instruments, and also listened to examples of them being played.

Our Maths learning has taken us outside as we learn about directions. We’ve been learning to make whole turns, half turns and quarter turns. Beebot has been helping us with this learning too! We’ve also been revisiting geometric shapes. One of our drama activities was to use our bodies to create a shape, sometimes on our own, sometimes in groups. This must have been fun as I overheard some very positive comments after our Drama/Maths lesson today!

We are really enjoying our visits to the school Library. Thank you so much to the PTA for the comfortable bean bags that create a relaxed, soft, inviting environment for us to look at books.

Rīpoata na Mrs Campbell


Talofa, Mālō e lelei, Kia ora, Hello

We have had a great week and there have been lots of wonderful learning opportunities also. On Tuesday, we had the pleasure of an Orchestra coming to play for us and it was amazing. We thoroughly enjoyed the music that was being played and loved hearing explanations about all of the types of instruments, how each person began playing their chosen instrument and what inspired them. In our topic we have been doing a piece of Art about our dream careers and they are starting to look pretty good. We also would like to share and introduce our pet caterpillar Spotty Dots. We all shared some names and then we voted as a class on what we would like to call the caterpillar. We have been very surprised how quickly Spotty Dots has grown. So we thought it would be a great idea to use him for some measuring. Below are a few highlights of our learning week that we thought we would share with you.

I have enjoyed doing Numble (Ayla)

I liked doing our topic activities ( Emerson)

Drawing our pictures of what we want to be when we grow up (Rex)

Reading and numble have been my favorite activities this week (Elma)

I enjoyed the Orchestra and the songs they played (Willow)

The Pink panther song was the best (Isaac)

Rīpoata na Mrs Brewer

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The sun was shining, the wind was breezing, the children were excited as they walked into Room 7 on Tuesday afternoon. We could see trumpets, flutes, drums, a violin, a viola, a french horn, percussion instruments and more! 6 musicians from The Dunedin Symphony Orchestra had come to play for us. Each player told us about their instruments and then they played a song that showed off their instrument. Our favorite songs included the theme song from Pink Panther, the James Bond song, a Spanish song from Swan Lake, and we especially enjoyed singing along with Tūtira Mai Ngā Iwi. At the end we had a chance to ask questions and find out more information.

Other highlights from our week

-Using the ipads to learn how to Publish our CVs and use formatting tools when creating documents.

-Working on Dinosaur park schedules using our knowledge of time.

-buddy reading - making sure our reading sounds good

-Sharing at assembly this week

-Ice cream math (see photos below of us using our budgeting skills to create ice creams). We were allowed a budget of $20 to spend at the ice cream shop and we had to make at least 2 ice creams. Each ice cream couldn’t total more than $10.

This week we are sharing in assembly. We can’t wait to show everyone our dinosaur artworks!

Rīpoata na Tāwhirimātea

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Tawhiri (1)


Kia Ora

Ranginui were amazing presenting their Popcorn business journey last week at Friday’s assembly. I was very proud of them. They spoke and sang well! On Friday morning they worked extra hard to make popcorn and fill their boxes. They set up stalls outside the classroom and at lunchtime they gave sample packets to the whole school. Again I am so pleased with everyone's collaborative efforts.

This week we have talked about their personal talents- something that they like to do. The students have chosen a day/time to present their talents to us. This will run from Thursday till next Friday. I look forward to listening and watching their performances. (Thank you for your support)

The school-wide modules begin next week. Each child will participate in two activities. Yay FUN!

I wanted to say how wonderful it has been to see the school receive the food donations this year. I’ve not experienced things like that just being given to a school. It is a lovely sharing and caring gift for all families. So thank you to all.

Ka Kite

Rīpoata na Miss Ruzsa


We are investigating different jobs - either our dream jobs or just jobs we think sound pretty cool, and displaying this information on Google Slides. From this we will be presenting to the class to practise our oral language skills. To go alongside these presentations we are also remembering our self portrait skills from the beginning of the year and using these to create some (amazing!) portraits of us doing our dream jobs. We have nurses, vets, soccer players, astronauts, jewellery designers and an electrician. We are looking forward to having these completed and then showing them off in assembly in W7.

We were also lucky to have a visit from the Dunedin Symphony Orchestra on Tuesday afternoon. They performed lots of different pieces of music like the James Bond theme and Pink Panther. They also explained lots about their instruments (violins, flutes and more) which was super interesting!

Lastly, Hinemoana’s Got Talent went off this week! We’ve had dog tricks from Maddie, soccer skills from Rupert and some amazing baking skills from Indy. We were even lucky enough to eat Indy’s blueberry friands and the consensus was they were delicious! “11 out of 10!”

Rīpoata na Miss Laing

Tāne Mahuta

Our current focus for Maths in Tane Mahuta is Area and Perimeter. We have had a lot of fun this week breaking down the concepts around this unit. We have built up our understanding over the week and memorised some important rules and formulas related to working out the perimeters and areas of different shapes. We particularly enjoyed getting involved in a small group challenge where we had to rotate around the room with our group and collaboratively work out a range of different perimeter and area problems. Some of these problems were open ended and some were closed. Do you know that open ended problems can have more than one right answer? We like these types of math problems because we get to be creative and think of multiple answers that could work for one question. Feel free to ask us about our perimeter and area learning at home!

We would also like to say a big thank you to the Dunedin Symphony Orchestra who came to perform for us on Tuesday. We were so impressed with the range of instruments used and the talent shown at this performance. We particularly enjoyed the James Bond theme song and the Pink Panther song. Hopefully they will come back and perform for us again sometime soon!

Rīpoata na Miss Tenci

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TM Group Maths Challenge

Sports News

This Week's results:

Touch Rugby

SBS Force 8-1 W POD Liam G.


SBS Stars 10-1 W POD Tegan

SBS Spurs 3-1 W POD Francesca

SBS Sparks 1-5 L POD Monty & Harrison

SBS Steamers 0-0 POD Luca

SBS Sweepers 0-3 L POD Thomas

A friendly reminder to please check the school app prior to your futsal game day for the match draw, to ensure your child arrives on time and doesn't leave their team short of players. Thank you.

Community Notices

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