Mrs. Hamilton's 2nd grade class

May 23, 2016

Field Day

Field Day was a success today!!! Thank you all for your support in making this day so great!

For pictures check out my twitter handle at @Hamilton2TCE :)

Summer Book Exchange

Need some different books to read this summer? Here is your opportunity to trade books that you’ve already read for some new ones! The book exchange will take place starting May 11th through the end of the school year!

2nd Grade Pizza Party

Our pizza party will take place on Tuesday. If you have not returned your child's permission form please do so as soon as possible. Thank you! We are looking forward to a fun lunch celebrating all we have learned this year!

Volunteers will need to arrive at 11:15. Thank you in advance for your help! Volunteers will need to have a background check on file, as well as completed the anti-bullying webinar!

Student of the Month

CONGRATS to Matty and Taylor for being our SOM this month for Determination!!! YAY!

Lunch Change for the last week of school

Monday: Soft Taco or Taco Scoops

Tuesday: French Toast/Pancakes

Wednesday: Calzones/Pull- Aparts/ Pizza Bites

Thursday: Chicken Patty/Hamburger/

Pizza/ Cheesy Breadsticks/ Fish & Mac & Cheese/ Chicken Nuggets


Yearbooks will be sent home with your child on Monday! Second grade is planning on having our yearbook signing party on Wednesday, May 25th! If you child did not order a yearbook, we will have autograph booklets so that your child can participate!

If you would like to order a yearbook, the PTO is accepting late yearbook orders. The extra books will be sold on a first come, first serve basis. In order to have your name put on the list, you will need to pay for the book. The price of the yearbook is $20.00, and checks should be made payable to TCE PTO. Checks will be returned if there isn't a book available.

Important Information For Next Week

Mark your Calendar!

  • May 21th - Geist 5K
  • May 24th- 2nd Grade Pizza Party
  • May 25th- Tie Dying Class T-shirts
  • May 26th- Last Day of School!

Next Week's Specials

Monday 5/11- Day 5: Music

Tuesday 5/12- Day 6: Art

Wednesday 5/13- Day 1: P.E.

Thursday 5/14- Day 2: Music

We are Learning...


This week we will continue to focus on how to identify the main idea of a story!


We will be wrapping up our study of measurement this week!

We will wrap up our fairy tale books this week and share with the class! I am so proud of their writing and creativity with this!!

This week we will focus on engineering by creating paper airplanes. We will then race them and see whose airplane flies the farthest!!