Kick'n it up a Notch

Making Staff Developments meaningful

21st Century Staff Development

Have you ever been to a staff development and walked away with a bunch of tools and no idea how to apply them in your classroom? Do you want to move your students into the 21st Century but don't have the time to develop meaningful lesson plans that integrate technology and address the standards you want your students to learn? We are proposing a staff development opportunity where teachers will gather and share fully developed lesson plans. Continue through our Smore for some information on professional development that will "kick it up a notch."

Staff Development led by Mr. Chang and Mr. Terry at Wasted Time Elementary School

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After determining what our project would be,we created a survey using Survey Monkey. We asked Elementary and Middle School teachers some questions about using technology with learning in their classrooms. We received 51 responses and here are some results. The data supports our thinking that teachers do want meaningful professional development.

Unit Plan integrating mind tools and technology

Edcanvas is great tool for gathering information about a topic or concept that you want teach. This is a Unit on the Three Branches of Government, a third grade social studies standard. It uses technology as a mind tool, incorporates 21st century learning skills, and has everything you need to teach it tomorrow!

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Edcanvas tutorial

Together we grow seeds

Learning about seeds is fun in First Grade. This lesson plan of the Super 3 will integrate mind tools, Web 2.0, and the 4 C's into your curriculum while teaching 21st Century skills. It is step by step easy for implementation of all of the things you will need to teach this successfully.


Learn about Wordle

Learn about Grant writing

Grants are something that are available for all teachers and classrooms. With school budgets declining there is always a need to fund projects and ideas. Speak with your local superintendent about the idea of applying for grants to help your classroom. A foundation that is known for funding school projects to provide technology for students is Golden Leaf. Here is an example of the grant process to be considered for funding with their foundation.

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Edmodo ....a vehicle to share lesson plans

Realistic ways to accomplish this goal of meaningful staff development- grade level/content area groups meeting sharing fully development lesson plans that address standards and use 21st century skills.

Learn about Edmodo

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