4 Points Of Indie Distribution!

What You Need To Know As An Indie Artist!

After You Create Great Music, What's Next?

After countless hours of creating great music in the studio, the greatest challenge is yet to come. Knowing how to distribute and get your music heard is the next step. Knowing your competition,target market and avenues of distribution is key to your success. This webinar we'll cover the challenges indie artist often face after creating an album. The webinar will discuss how to compete in a tough entertainment industry with an effective distribution strategy.

4 Points Of Indie Distribution

Saturday, April 23rd, 2-3:30pm

This is an online event.

What's On The Agenda?

2:00-2:15pm ...Introduction

2:15-2:30pm ...The Competition

2:30-2:45pm ...Target Market Purchase

2:45-3:00pm ...Live Performance or DJ Spin?

3:00-3:15pm ...Follow-Up Song For Distribution?

3:15-3:30pm ...Closing

CL Clark PR Management

Cedric Clark is a Marketing, Management, and Public relations consultant, that believes in elevating clients to a new level of success. With ten years of experience, he is able to guide clients toward their specific career goals through a customized strategy.

Since 2005, Cedric has been working in PR with the Norwood Company, in Woodland hills, CA. Recently branching out, he has created several campaigns for various industry clients. Just off the heels of a Re-Branding campaign, for Hollywood DJ, DJ Couture, Cedric is now in the process of collaborating with a bi-coastal marketing team on DJ C-Lo’s branding campaign. He is currently working on a marketing campaign for the New PMNLA Tour, that will kick off this November. With Clark’s years of experience and unique branding style, he is sure to bring your company the success it desires.