Julie Howard

I was born in Fort Meyers, Florida April 8th, 2002. My family and I lived in a small trailer, until I was about 1 years old. Then we moved up to Georgia so that my mom could have been payed better. When I was about 2 years old we got our own house and my mom wanted me to do something before I went to school. I started to take pictures with my mom as if I was going to be when I grew up a photographer.

So I took pictures for about 6 months then on my brothers birthday my mom asked me if I wanted to do something else before school. She said I had the choice of taking pictures or being a model for her. Later that night I said I was going to be a model for her. I was a big model from the family until my cousin came along when I was 5 years old.

My life got more complicated to were I had to do chores like pick up my room take out the bathroom trash and look out for my brother I never really asked but that's what I got because now the new cousin was here so I had no say on this. I grew up doing chores until I was about 8 years old then we got our own house on Jimmy Dod rd. and I told my mom I didn't want to do anything any more that I was tired of it and my brother Tyler wasn't helping and that I lied about him helping me.now we do chores at the age 11 for me and 9 for Tyler.

A day in my life........

When I was 4........

So first when I woke up I was really tired and mean I didn't want to eat any thing my mom made me. After about 2-3 hours it was just about 12:35 and I was starving but wanted to play out side so I grabbed my mothers sandwich and ran out the door to my cat tigerlilly. I had finished my sandwich in 5 min.my mom came out side and found me biting my cats ear and her not doing anything about it. She then realized that I have been doing it for 3 years. So, she grabbed the cat, and we got in the car to go get ice cream and be happy that I was being nice and quiet. I had taken a nap in the car after ice cream at sonic. we had to move away to GA in about a month so we would for now on go out for special e cation or not every day until we left.

Why I chose my year.......

I choose this year because it was the year that I realized I shouldn't run away from my parents. Yet, it was the year that my cat would never scratch, bite, or bite me. It was the most special year of my life because it was the most expensive, scary and exciting year of my life.