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Recycling summary

The average american uses about 4 pounds of trash every day and 1.5 tons of solid waste every year! That is a lot of trash. Seriously though, 75% of trash is recyclable, but only 30% actually gets recycled, says So, what can you do to help in this trash phenomenon? Bucknell University says that there are many things that we can do to help. We can start by buying products with minimal packaging, reuse scrap paper and cardboard boxes, and recycle anything that you can. You can recycle aluminum, glass, electronics, paper, plastic, and steel. You may be asking yourself why you should even bother with recycling. Well, there are many good reasons. According to why recycling matters, these reasons include that facts that it's quick, it’s economical, it saves natural resources, it saves energy, it reduces landfill, and it provides jobs. Recycling is quick, easy, and well worth the effort.

Positive affects of recycling

  • There will be less landfill

  • The air will be cleaner

  • Materials won’t be wasted

  • More jobs

  • Objects will have more use

  • You will get more from less

  • It saves natural resources

  • It saves energy

Negative affects of recycling

  • Dirty air

  • Trash all over the earth

  • Less plants

  • People become wasteful

  • More animals die

  • Landfills are full to the bursting

  • Wildlife ruined

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