Aluminum Nitrate

Harmful Effects

What is Aluminum nitrate?

Aluminium nitrate is a salt of aluminium and nitric acid. It normally exists as a crystalline hydrate.
This is what it looks like.....basically it looks like salt

Aluminum nitrate has some effects on Human health:

  • It can cause severe eye irritation.
  • Long-term effects that occur from AlNO3 can last months and even years.
  • It can cause slung disease if inhaled and damages internal organs because of its acidity.
  • Also, it can damage skin because it burns when in contact.
  • It can even cause irritation from contact with clothes, so clothes that have come in contact with it must be washed.

Government Intervention

The government is working on stopping people from purchasing fireworks that contain Aluminum nitrate and also using fertilizers that contain it because it can be bad for the plants.

Interesting facts...

  • Aluminum nitrate can come in contact with us through our drinking water.
  • It is used in many ceramics and building substances
  • Aluminum nitrate is actually imported to Canada in very small amounts