New Technology


Iphone 7

Apple will continue releasing two versions of each iPhone, so we can expect to see an iPhone 7 and an iPhone 7 Plus in 2016. Apple is releasing the IPhone 7 they are the creators. With no headphone jack, wired headphones will connect to the iPhone 7 using its Lightning port and Bluetooth headphones will connect wireless. Apple is rumored to be working on Lightning-equipped Ear Pods to sell alongside the iPhone 7. Apple is rumored to be aiming to make the iPhone 7 nearly as thin as the 6.1mm iPod touch, mainly through the removal of the 3.5mm headphone jack and the implementation of a thinner Lightning port. I used ''" for my information.
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Jet Pack International

Jet Pack International are making great strides in jetpack technology H202 and H202-Z jetpacks. As the name suggests, both the H202 and H202-Z arehydrogen peroxide-fueled jetpacks that will allow uers to fly at up to 77 miles per hour at a maximum height of 250 feet. So far thought, the higher-capacity H202-Z is only capable of a maximum flight length of 33 seconds and a maximum travel distance of 3,300 feet. I choose it because it is amazing an I totally want to try it. For this information I use ""

Man Soars in the Air with the Help of a Jetpack

Artificial Gills

Think Aquaman (Although, we are not quite sure how he is useful). Just like flying; the capability of breathing underwater is one of those things that we have all wanted. Israel based inventor Alon Bodner has come up with a prototype; LikeAFish (that’s one smart name) which allows humans to breather underwater by generating oxygen from the water like the gills of a fish. The current issues are that of size and weight, however, progress is being made quite rapidly to overcome these issues. I choose it because I am amazed by the creation. For the information I used ""
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Google Glass

Augmented Reality has already gotten into our life in the forms of simulated experiment and education app, but Google is taking it several steps higher with Google Glass. Theoretically, with Google Glass, you are able to view social media feeds, text, Google Maps, as well as navigate with GPS and take photos. You will also get the latest updates while you are on the ground.It’s truly what we called vision, and it’s absolutely possible given the fact that the Google’s co-founder, Sergey Brin has demo’ed the glass with skydivers and creatives. I choose it because I think a lot of people will use it as it it useful. For the information I used ""
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Oculus Rift

Virtual Reality gaming is here in the form of Oculus Rift. This history-defining 3D headset lets you mentally feel that you are actually inside a video game. In the Rift’s virtual world, you could turn your head around with ultra-low latency to view the world in high resolution display. There are premium products in the market that can do the same, but Rift wants you to enjoy the experience at only $300, and the package even comes as a development kit. This is the beginning of the revolution for next-generation gaming. I personally think that it is amazing to create such a thing. For the information I choose ""

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