The Jag News

FM9 Student Led News Source - January 6, 2017

Lunch Playlist

If you would like to request a song to play during lunch on Fridays, then submit your request here. Song recommendations must be school appropriate in order to be added to the playlist.

Jags Sports Calendar


Lady Jags Basketball vs. Marcus

  • 4:30pm - JV1 @ FMHS Arena

  • 4:30pm - JV2 @ FMHS Silver Gym

  • 6pm - Varsity @ FMHS Arena

  • 6pm - FM9B @ FMHS Navy Gym

  • 7:30pm - FM9A @ FMHS Navy Gym

Jaguar Basketball vs. Marcus

  • 4:30pm - JV1 @ FMHS Navy Gym

  • 6pm - FM9A @ FMHS Silver Gym

  • 7:30pm - FM9B @ FMHS Silver Gym

  • 7:30pm - Varsity @ FMHS Arena

The New Year of 2017

2016 is behind us now. It is debatable whether last year was good or not. No matter if you had a good year, or if it was a dreadful one, you can still make 2017 a great one!
2017 Film

Written by: Tre M. and Joe S.