Toward Independence

And the events leading up to the revolution.

My position!

My position is heavily so on the side of the Tories, those who are loyal to the king and respect his rule and law. I think that the Patriots are foolish to think that they could survive without the king, his government, and his army. Without his protection we would be vulnerable to attack and without his government our country would fall apart. Laws such as the Proclamation of 1763 are placed for our own good and safety. Once the king can get enough funds to send soldiers to protect our colonists, I'm sure that we will be able to settle across the Appalachian Mountains. Laws like the Quartering Act are only fair; the soldiers protect us, and we feed and house them.

The Stamp Act

The Stamp act The stamp act was a duty or tax on things like Paper, playing cards and legal documents such as: Wills, contracts and sale bills.

Why did the British impose this tax?The British made this tax to help pay off the war debts they had from the french and indian war. They felt that because they won the war and protected the colonists they should help pay for the debts.

How did the Patriots react/feel? The colonists felt that this was unfair because they had no say in the tax. They did not necessarily care about paying taxes but they did want a say in the taxes. The colonists considered themselves British colonists and thought that British should not be taxing them without their representation. The colonists Started to protest by sending letters to the king asking him to politely consider their complaints. This did not help so the colonists kept protesting until the the king repealed the tax.

The Boston Tea Party

What was the Boston Tea Party? The Boston tea party was a protest by the colonists against British tea and the tea act ( The tea act was an attempt to keep on a Britain's biggest money making companies. It made even taxed British tea cheaper than smuggled tea.) The colonists did not feel that the British were trying to give the colonists cheap tea, they thought that Britain was just trying to tax them without their representation and was trying to cover it up by making the tea super cheap. How Did the colonists react/feel Like I said the colonists did not see the tea act as a gift so they decided to dump 92,00 pounds of tea into the boston harbor. How this moved the colonists one step closer to the revolution This act started to make colonists exited and made some willing to rebel. But how Britain felt we'll be discussed in the next section.
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The Intolerable Acts

What were the Intolerable Acts?: The Intolerable Acts were the punishment for the Boston Tea Party. One,The king closed the harbor to all shiping until all the tea was paid for. Two, The colonists could not even have a town hall meeting without the governor's permission. Three, any soldier who was accused of murder would be tried in England not in the colonies which basically meant that they would not be punished because the king would not punish his soldiers unless he had to. How did the colonists react/feel? The colonists were very angry and did not do what the king thought they were going to do. Instead of doing what the king said they boycotted British goods and did not pay for the tea. Colonists from Pennsylvania and other colonies would send food and funds.